About Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club

Background and History

Karate is a martial art which developed out of the traditions of Japan and has a long and noble history. It is one of the most accomplished Self Defence systems using all parts of the body for defence and counter attacks. The style we practice is Shotokan which was founded by Gichin Funakoshi.

It is important to understand that Karate is more than simply learning "techniques", but a martial art which aims at the perfection of character through dedicated training of the mind and the body. A good technical standard can only be attained through hard work.

In 1967, relatively early on in the formation of Karate in the UK, Charles Naylor was a 1st Dan Blackbelt, having graded under Master Nakayama a year earlier, and Dot Naylor had become one of the first women Karateka in the country. Both had embraced and immersed themselves into the world of Karate, training regularly under Sensei Enoeda ('their Sensei'). So, when the family moved from Liverpool to Essex having run a very successful club in St Helens, it was no surprise that Chelmsford Karate Club was established in 1967.

Photo: Dot Naylor (front right) being taught by Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda (left) in one of her first lessons

The Club began initially at the YMCA, then later moved to Dovedale Sports Centre where it has remained. Their passion, dedication to technical excellence and hard work ensured that Chelmsford Karate Club was firmly on the map.

Over the years, in addition to teaching both home and abroad, Charles Naylor attained his Seventh Dan Black Belt, became Vice Chairman of the KUGB, a Senior International Referee and President of both the European Shotokan Karate-Do Association and the World Shotokan Karate-Do Association.  Meanwhile, Dot Naylor was dedicated to proving that females firmly belong in Karate and when she graded to Third Dan in 1978 she was one of the highest graded females in Europe.

As Charles and Dot Naylor rose through the ranks, so did the profile of Chelmsford Karate Club. With the sad passing of Charles Naylor in March 2007, Sensei Dot Naylor continued to instruct, assisted by Jane Naylor-Jones (5th Dan) and Richard Naylor-Jones (5th Dan). The philosophy of teaching remains unchanged as we continue to develop our students to attain high standards of technical performance, behaviour and etiquette.

Photo: Chelmsford SKC with their Trophies & Medals from 2013 National and Regional Events

July 2013, Dovedale Sports Centre

As a result of this ethos, since 1967, the club has produced numerous black belts. The Club has competed successfully in Local, Regional and National Championships winning many National Individual and Team Titles over the years. Furthermore, the following Senior and Junior members have trained with the KUGB International Squads, many of whom have represented their country at European and World Championships:

Jane Naylor-Jones, Richard Naylor-Jones,Glen Turner, Mark Turner, Richard Amos, Devon Williamson, Russell Carter, Philip Naylor, Connie Payne, Stuart Gordon, Daniel Terry, Fraser Tinsley, Lee McLeod, Holly Sterling, Kelly Hodkinson, Lyndsey Hodkinson, Elliott Reynolds, Michael Jeffery, Jack Somers, Jack Hillsden, Zoe Hillsden, Eric Austin-Coskry, Sharky Austin-Coskry, Teah Pope, Jamie Lottering, Emma Burke, Mia Hillsden, Megan Naylor-Jones, Jessica Steadman, Alex Lockett and Nick Nelson.

The club has also produced numerous qualified National Referees and Judges, our most Senior Referees are Richard Kheder, Jane Naylor-Jones and Richard Naylor-Jones.

We also have a Team of Nationally Qualified Instructors with Jane and Richard Naylor-Jones also being KUGB Senior Assessors.  Both are invited to teach at other Dojo's and have taught Internationally.  The Instructors are assisted by a team of Young Leaders.

Since 1967, Chelmsford Karate Club has been a member of the Karate Union of Great Britain. The KUGB is the largest and most successful single style Karate organisation in the UK. Being part of the KUGB ensures that we are able to maintain our high standards and continue to develop our Karate skills and knowledge. Furthermore, Jane and Richard Naylor-Jones are members of the National Executive Committee..

We are proud to be active members of the KUGB.

Benefits of Karate Training

Karate has numerous benefits.  It is a system of Self defence that provides good all round exercise, promoting both good physical and mental health.  Karate helps develop confidence, improves reactions, relieves stress and is both an exciting and enjoyable activity.  There is also the social benefits of being part of a Club that can also lead to making new friends.

Karate Competitions and Championships

The competitive aspect of Karate is thoroughly enjoyed by our younger members who can compete in Regional and National tournaments and their very own Shotokan Tigers competition. There is no pressure to take part in competitions if a child really does not want to, however, we find that their enthusiasm for competition comes naturally.

Karate linked to other qualifications - Cubs/Scouts/Girl Guides/Duke of Edinburgh

As our Tigers grow up, Karate is something that can be combined with other activities. For example, we have a number of students in both the Cubs and Scouts who have been awarded Martial Art Badges as a result of their regular training with the Club.  The Club has also taught courses at local Girl Guide Groups so they may achieve their Personal Safety Badge.  Karate Training is also helping our Students achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Award.  Karate covers both the Physical and Volunteering Sections. Furthermore with our links to our national organisation the KUGB students can also attend a residential course as part of their Gold Award.

Joining Chelmsford Karate Club

If you are reading this then you are probably thinking about learning Karate or maybe returning to Karate if you have trained before.

When you first come to our dojo you will meet with the Instructor and they will provide you with some information and guidance to make life a little easier for you in your first weeks at our club.

If you have any other questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask Jane Naylor-Jones or one of the senior black belts, and we'll do our very best to help you.

You can either come along to a class and speak to the instructor, call us on 07973 672663 or contact us using the information on our Contact Page.

We have also provided some additional links to information held on the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) website related to joining a KUGB club. For more details click here.