Karate for Kids

It is our responsibility, as parents, to look after our children - but we can't be there all of the time. That is why it is important for our children to learn to defend themselves, especially in today's world.

-Sensei Jane Naylor-Jones (5th Dan).

The Shotokan Tigers™ classes are JUST FOR KIDS!


Karate is a fun activity for children that can teach self-discipline, control and respect while providing an opportunity to become more self-confident and in 2002 we introduced a programme especially for youngsters called The Shotokan Tigers™. The Shotokan Tigers classes are aimed at children aged 4 years and above and allow children to learn the basic principles of this exciting martial art in a safe and controlled environment.  Safety is paramount and all classes are supervised by a nationally qualified KUGB Instructor who holds a special Karate first-aid qualification.

When they are ready, they can also join in the main classes. 

Both Parents and Teachers frequently report on the improvement in the behaviour of children who train regularly at our club. This is because at Chelmsford Karate Club the emphasis is placed on good manners, courtesy and discipline. We ensure that children learn about self-discipline, self control and respect for others in all aspects of their karate training.

The achievement of coloured belts through gradings provides a short-term goal and structure that keeps children both interested and motivated. A high quality certificate is presented to each student who successfully passes a grading. There are specific minimum training requirements between gradings and no child is under pressure to take a grading if he/she does not feel particularly confident at that time.

One parent said "Karate teaches my child valuable life skills such as confidence, courage, patience, discipline and self-control."

Since that time we have seen some of our Shotokan Tigers™ grow into National, European and World Champions and we are proud to be able to continue the classes and develop our young Karateka.

Another parent said "Thank you for helping to shape my son into a happy, fit, focused and hard-working ten year old."

The competitive aspect of Karate is thoroughly enjoyed by our younger members who can compete in Regional and National tournaments and their very own Shotokan Tigers competition. There is no pressure to take part in competitions if a child really does not want to, however, we find that their enthusiasm for competition comes naturally.

We have helped hundreds of children on their Karate journey, watching them grow and develop into young adults, many going on to Higher Education, University and to enjoy successful careers.    They, in turn, have had children of their own who have also started training as the next generation of Shotokan Tigers.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child, either in our Shotokan Tigers classes, or wanting to join our Shotokan Tigers classes, and have any questions or concerns at all about your child’s training or their progress in class, please do not hesitate to contact Sensei Jane on 07973 672 663 or through our Contact Page.