Private Karate Lessons with Chelmsford Karate Club

Private lessons are ideal for either beginner, intermediate or experienced Karateka and provide the opportunity to get personal, tailored training, at your speed and at a pace that suits you. They can be one-offs or a series of lessons designed to help you meet your short term and long term targets.

Private lessons will be Instructed by Richard Naylor-Jones or Jane Naylor-Jones, both 5th Dan Instructors, Nationally Qualified and CRB checked.

Who will benefit from these lessons?

* People new to Karate who want to accelerate their learning

* Those preparing for kyu grade examinations (i.e. orange to brown belt)

* Those preparing for Dan gradings (1st through to 6th Dan)

* People who want to develop specific areas such as Kumite and Kata (fighting skills, set forms)

* Those people wanting to gain selection onto the England Squad

* People preparing for competition both National and International


This also allows people with busy schedules to have regular lessons

To maximise the benefit ... similar grades and ability, 1 to 2 people maximum

Each lesson will include:

  • Warm up
  • Refresher on previous skills from the last lesson (if applicable)
  • Technical Training tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • An action plan to maximise the benefit of the lesson to consolidate the learning.

Private lessons can be held at our Dojo at Dovedales Sports Centre or a Sports Centre near you. Alternatively, Home visits and Skype have been used successfully subject to space and availability.

With this in mind, the Private lessons diary is getting busier and busier so if you are interested in booking specially tailored classes just for you, please contact either Sensei Jane or Sensei Richard to get them in the diary ASAP.