Special Courses

In addition to our full weekly schedule, we run a wide range of Special Courses each year here in Chelmsford for beginners through to Black belts and for all ages and abilities from age 4 upwards.   Courses tend to be held at the weekend or daytime during School holidays.  We also invite special guest instructors from around the country many of whom are famous internationally in the Karate world.  Below you will find information on our main courses:

Masterclass with Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Chief Instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB)

Sensei Sherry is the Chief Instructor of the KUGB and also the KUGB England Senior Squad Coach.   He was the KUGB's first Kata Champion in 1967, and the next year, 1968, he became the first Grand Champion by winning both the Kata and Kumite events. This was the start of a now legendary run of successes in National and International Championships. He first won the EAKF European Kumite title in 1968, and then went on to win other Individual European Championship titles and countless team events as a member of both British and England teams.

Sensei Sherry is highly regarded worldwide and it is a privilege to be able to host him here in Chelmsford.

Masterclass with Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan), Vice Chairman of the KUGB and England Junior Squad Coach

In the world of Karate Sensei Brennan's reputation is both acknowledged and respected throughout the world. He is a Karate legend and is regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time. Sensei Brennan has excelled in both Kata and Kumite. He is former World Champion, European Grand Champion four times and KUGB National Grand Champion ten times. As an Instructor and KUGB England Coach he is highly regarded and we are privileged to be able to host him.

Bunkai Masterclass with Sensei Bob Rhodes (8th Dan)

Sensei Bob Rhodes needs no introduction for those people who have trained with him on the KUGB's Black & Brown Belt Courses and the Torbay and Lancaster "Train With The Champions" courses. His creative applications of Kata Bunkai have excited and bewildered us at the same time.  Definitely a course to stretch you both mentally and physically.

Referees & Judges Workshop

Following on from the successful workshops in the past, this workshop will cover the competition rulebook in a practical way by Refereeing and Judging Jiyu Kumite (freestyle), Kihon Ippon Kumite (one-step) and Kata.

Attendees will benefit most by studying the rule book in advance (if possible) so that they can make the most of the hands on experience offered by this workshop.

This course is for those KUGB members who are looking to attend the KUGB Referees and Judges course and/or take the Referees and Judges exam; and also for those members who are looking to compete this year.

The course is chaired by Richard Naylor-Jones, KUGB Nationally Qualified Referee for over 25 years and Richard Kheder who is also a Nationally Qualified Referee with over 21 year's experience.



Instructors Course

It is very important to us that our Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Young Leaders are all teaching in the same way, which is why we hold a free course for our Black & Brown Belts each year.  

We first take time to talk about the Club and our ethos and how we see ourselves moving forward, then break out into groups to work on our teaching skills.  

Secret Tiger Society

Every half-term we run a special course for our higher graded students.  In some courses we work on advanced Katas and their application in other courses we re-enact a demonstration given by senior members of the KUGB.  Whatever we do, it is always Super, Secret and Special.

Shoto's Special Half-Term Course and Summer Camps

Our Half-Term Courses last for 3 hours and give students the opportunity to work on a variety of different aspects of Karate.  This is suitable for all ages from age 4 upwards and Beginners are welcome.

Anti Bullying and Personal Safety  Course

Bullying comes in lots of shapes and sizes and it is not just physical.

On this course you will learn some basic personal safety techniques and strategies to live by and to complement your Karate training - no previous experience necessary.  Ideal for any age.

Super Hero Training Camp

Not all Super Heroes come from outer space. Some are born right here on Earth! But they need the right training before they can fight crime, and we're here to help!

On this course we work on fitness, speed and strength in a fun and engaging way.  Our Super-Heroes-in-training can wear their costumes, or a fun superhero t-shirt if they'd like.

If you, or a family member, are interested in attending any of our courses and would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone 07973672663.