We are very proud of our Club and work hard to teach the Individual, not just teach Karate.  Why don't we let a few of our Students/Parents tell you what we're like.

“Training from such a young age allowed me to develop a self confidence and more importantly an ethos that I have continued to carry forward in my life to this day. Not to mention the lifelong friendships that have developed because of these classes.”

Sharky A-C

"Tigers classes have me a place where I could come to a safe environment and express myself through learning. The core principles of karate instilled hard work and respect as ethical foundations that I have carried through my life - I owe a lot to those first few years of training"

Eric A-C

"I approached Chelmsford Karate Club after seeing a flyer in our son's school reception.  Our 5 year old had only expressed a casual interest, however the Senseis' enthusiasm for their craft and dedication to their pupils was so compelling that he was soon completely hooked.

The club was extremely warm and welcoming, taking great care to ensure its newest member felt comfortable and included.  Other students were encouraged to assist and demonstrate, which resulted in his quick assimilation and steady technical progress.

The range of ages and abilities, along with the Senseis' sense of history, gives the club a strong identity and a family feel.  Combined with the discipline of training, these aspects together with the phenomnenal abilities and accomplishments of its many members, make the club and its members truly inspirational."

Alex F

"We stumbled into Chelmsford Karate Club while looking for something which may increase the self-confidence of our bright, but shy, 5 year old.  Our expectations were low.  We fully expected her to come home from the first session in tears flatly refusing to return.   Twelve years later she is a confident 2nd Dan Black Belt just about to go to a first class University.

Chelmsford Karate Club increased her self-believe, gave her physical and mental life skills and to top it all she has made many friends and has had a lot of fun.

I fully recommend the Club to anyone who wants their children to learn how to succeed  in a safe and fun environment, with great Coaches."

Steve R

"Chelmsford Karate Club has brought my boys' confidence out and has made them believe in themselves.  It is amazing the difference in them since they started training and to see that they are so proud of their achievements in working through their grades and remembering their Katas.  I would thoroughly recommend the club to everyone, it is welcoming and you are made to feel like part of a family that you actually want to spend time with."

Samantha D

"Our daughter, Jess, joined Chelmsford Karate Club 7 years ago, having previously trained at another club.  It became clear very quickly that this was a very different kind of club with a very different ethos - not about chasing grades or prizes but about training hard, working together and supporting each other.  Jess thoroughly enjoys every minute of her Karate.  The instruction is exemplary and there are many opportunities to take part in competitions.

Jess is now a 2nd Dan Black Belt, a KUGB Young Leader (Gold Level) and is on the KUGB England Squad for the second year.  We would recomment the Club to anyone interested in learning from scratch of developing existing skills.  Jess describes the club as her 'Karate family' which just about says it all."

Sarah S

"A huge thank you to you all for your dedication and inspiration.  Our daughter loves your classes and we've never known her quite so focused on anything before."

Julie J

"Karate has helped our daughter become a happy, confident and ambitious person who is willing to step out of her comfort zone and take on new challenges.

She has either reached or exceeded her target grades at school and her attitude is to improve herself and not settle for just enough.  This is largely thanks to the mindset the KUGB Family instills in its members.

Since starting Karate our daughter has passed her black belt and is working hard towards her 2nd Dan grading.  She is also passed her KUGB Young Leader qualification (Gold Level) and frequently mentors younger members."

Sarah R

"Oscar joined the Chelmsford Karate Club in October 2017.  It has. been lovely to see him welcomed into the Karate ''family' and make lots of new friends of all ages and abilities.

Due to work/personal commitments wer are only able to attend 1 class per week - but Oscar wanted more!!  And so to compensate for this we arranged a programme of Privalte Lessons.  These were always easy to arrange and the Senseis went out of their way to be flexible and fit around our very busy schedules.

The individual Teaching Plan that was developed with Oscar in these lessons has meant his technique and, most importantly, his confidence has grown far beyond our expectations.

The enjoyment and progress Oscar has made through having 1-2-1's has been incredible and they are well worth every penny."

Rebecca P

"My son joined Chelmsford Karate Club over a year ago and from day one, they have been very encouraging and supportive.

I was nervous about Harvey starting as he is on the Autistic spectrum, but they made him very welcome and were very thoughtful in their approach with him.

Karate has given Harvey confidence and really improved his self-esteem.  In the Club, Harvey feels equal to everyone else, but they are perceptive of his difficulties in social situations.  This makes Harvey very comfortable and he has thrived as a result.  They expect high standards from their students and achieve them in a very positive way.  Richard, in particular, has a great understanding of mental health issues and enxiety which makes him a very perceptive teacher.

Harvey has great respect for his Senseis and Karate has been an immensely positive addition to his life."

Sarah B

"Over the last 30 years I have been learning Karate with Chelmsford Karate Club, a great Club with Instructors who are dedicated to teaching me the art of Karate at a first class level and, above all, learn the art in a safe environment.

My Instructors inspired me over the years to succeed and do well in my Karate and have never wanted anything in return for their hard work and valuable time.

Chelmsford Karate Club is like a family to me, a family who look out for each other through happy and difficult times and I, for one, can speak from experience as someone who had great support from everyone at the club when I went through bad times with my health in 2014.

My Instructors never teach the art for financial reasons, but do it for their love of the art and their love for everyone to succeed. I have been to and have seen other martial arts clubs where their sole purpose is to make money.

I have spent many great years at Chelmsford Karate Club where the standard of teaching has been, and still is, first class, enjoyable and safe.  It has helped me be more confident in resolving difficult situations throughout my daily life and also be disciplined in making decision.

that you for my great years at the club, for your help, support and for your hard work and dedication."

Richard K