Chelmsford SKC Karate Event



Dovedale Sports Centre
Vicarage Road

Event price

Children - Training only £15.00


Do you want to be a Super Hero?

We are looking for budding Super Heroes to join us at our Super Hero Training Camp. Not all Super Heroes come from outer space, some are born right here, but they need the right training and we're here to help.

You’ll learn the three things that are super important for Super Heroes and take part in our Super Super Hero Games!

Every Super Hero needs a Side-Kick, so bring a friend! No Karate experience necessary. You can wear your Super Hero costume if you like or you can just wear a fun tshirt.

There are a limited number of Super Hero spaces, so please book ASAP so save your place.

What you'll need :

A superhero tshirt or costume (if you have one, don't worry if you don't, you can just wear your favourite tshirt)
shorts, gi bottoms, tracksuit bottoms

Water - plenty of it! No Superhero can survive without water.
A snack - maybe carrots for laser vision, or spinach for strength

Your superpower - whatever it is :-D