Chelmsford SKC News Article

Today, Chelmsford Karate Club hosted Sensei Sherry for the first of three Training and Kyu Gradings held during the year.   The Training sessions were as usual very demanding both physically and mentally as Sensei Sherry looked to develop the technical skills and martial attitude  of those Karateka of all levels and ages that attended.  

Following the two training sessions which included one for Black and Brown Belts only and the second for all Grades a Kyu Grading examination took place.  Congratulations to all those who successfully passed their Kyu Gradings especially those who were starting out as white belts in the morning and went home with a coloured belt!

A big thank you to everyone who attended today at Dovedale Sports Centre especially those who travelled from other KUGB Clubs including Ipswich Higashi, Stock, Sudbury, Shiseikan and Manchester.

12 February 2017: A successful Training and Kyu Grading with Sensei Sherry

Photo: Sensei Sherry with a lot of Karateka keen to learn from the Master!