Chelmsford SKC News Article

Yesterday we held an Easter Holiday Special Course for our Shotokan Tigers and High Grades. 

The course started with an Easter theme where students had to introduce themselves as make a word up with 'egg' in it - they all 'eggcelled' at this game and were as usual eggcellent!

There then followed a physical warm up and stretches to prepare for the Karate Classes.  

The high grades were taken by Sensei Jane who got them to do self defence based on Sensei Enoeda's demonstrations at the KUGB Nationals -there was even time to go through his ceremonial Kata!

Meanwhile Sensei Richard worked with the low grades on a series of exercises to develop their Kumite skills, martial spirit, speed and techniques. His students were tested as they developed their Karate techniques and combinations in a series of demanding routines. They then did some sparring to try out some of the new techniques they had learnt with an opponent.

The two classes then came together to do some light sparring when it was high grade versus low grade to build confidence.  There was also time for more spirited sparring amongst the high grades.

Finally, as it was Easter we decided to have an Egg Hunt in the Sports Centre. Needless to say with chocolate involved there was a very enthusiastic group of hunters! 

6 April 2017: An 'eggcellent' Tiger Course ending with an Egg hunt!
Photo: An 'Eggstrordinary' group 'Egghibiting' their certificates and eggs!

More photos can be found on our Club Facebook page

IMPORTANT NOTE: Chelmsford Karate Club run holiday courses during the school holidays are next one is Wednesday 31 May 2017 during the School Whitsun half term.  More information can be found on our Website Events Page.  Note you do not need to be a member to enrol for this course and join in the learning and fun!