Chelmsford SKC News Article

When Megan Naylor-Jones passed her Black Belt last Saturday to become the families third generation of Female Black Belts, following in the footsteps of her mother Jane and Grandmother Sensei Dot, it was brought to the attention of BBC Essex Radio.

28 March 2014: BBC Essex's Dave Monk meets Sensei Dot, Jane and MeganPhoto: (L-R) Jane, Megan and Sensei Dot in the Reception at BBC Essex Radio

prior to going 'ON AIR' with Dave Monk

As a result, BBC Essex invited the three of them to go on the Dave Monk Programme on Wednesday 26 March.  They arrived early and whilst in reception they practiced some self-defence routines to show Dave later on.  At the time they were not aware that their was a Webcam in the Reception so Dave and his team had the opportunity to see them in action!

Dave started the interview focusing mainly on Dot and talking to her about her role as a pioneer for 'Women in Karate' and her experiences.  He talked with Jane about different aspects of Karate including the different terminology, history, about Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club and the benefits of Karate.  He congratulated Megan on her achievement and asked her to demonstrate some Karate techniques. She demonstrated a number of kicks including Mae geri (Front Kick), Yoko Geri Kekomi (Side Thrust Kick) and Mawashi geri (Roundhouse Kick) in the Studio and amazed Dave with her flexibility. Dave observed how confident Megan was and they talked about how her Karate Training helps her at School.

28 March 2014: BBC Essex's Dave Monk meets Sensei Dot, Jane and MeganPhoto: Megan Naylor-Jones shows Dave Monk and Sensei Dot and Jane a Mawashi Geri (RoundHouse Kick)

in the BBC Essex Studio - Photo Courtesy of BBC Essex Radio.

At the end of the interview – once the music started Dave was available for a photograph.   He asked Megan to show him a kick and this picture was featured on the BBC Essex Facebook Page (above).

We are all very proud at Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club of the three of them and what they have achieved to date.  Our Special Thanks go to Dave Monk, his team and everyone at BBC Essex for taking the time to meet with Sensei Dot, Jane and Megan. 

28 March 2014: BBC Essex's Dave Monk meets Sensei Dot, Jane and MeganPhoto: Dave Monk on his best behaviour!

(L-R) Megan Naylor-Jones, Dave Monk, Sensei Dot Naylor and Jane Naylor-Jones