Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Friday 12th July, Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club were invited to perform a Demonstration as part of Boswells School 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Just prior to our event a Police helicopter came into land in the school field close to the Display Area. This is ensured that we attracted a large crowd who switched their attention to our demonstration as soon as the helicopter noise disappeared.

Sharky Austin-Coskry (2nd Dan), a sixth form student at Boswells, led the demonstration team that consisted of: Eric Austin-Coskry, Rachel Cohen, Louise Filmer, Katie & Tom Glover, Jack & Mia Hillsden, Tom Jeffrey, Alexander Lockett, Megan Naylor-Jones, Connor Payne, Eddie & Pam Pickwick,  JJ Pirmuhamedov, Romilly & Teah Pope, Aya Rainer, Lee & Serdar Rifat and Ella Roberts.

We started with the whole class showing some basic techniques: oi-zuki (stepping punch), age-uke (rising block) and Mae geri keage (front snap kick).  The class included Katie and Tom Glover who have only been Karate training for two weeks and showed tremendous confidence to join the action in front of a large crowd.

Then, Eddie demonstrated Kihon Kata by himself, immediately followed by Serdar and Lee, a father and son team who performed kata – ‘Heian Shodan’.  Once finished Serdar, Pam, Ella, Louise, Connor and Lee paired up to show our most basic method of sparring in the form of Gohon Kumite (Five attack sparring).

We then asked Ella to perform Kata ‘Heian Nidan’ as we explained to the audience how we continue to develop new skills as we progress in grade.  This theme continued when Serdar, Pam, Ella, Alexander, Connor, Lee, Romilly, Mia, JJ and Tom (J) demonstrated Ippon Kumite showing different  defence blocks against a single attack followed immediately by a counter attack.

Aya, Megan, Mia, Teah, Rachel and Louise showed the Bunkai (application of kata) for ‘Heian Yondan’.  Teah was in the middle facing four opponents whilst Louise performed the kata to one side. This allowed the audience to see the kata in pure form alongside Teah’s blocks and counters as she defended herself vigorously against her multiple attackers.  This received a loud applause especially as Teah finished off Megan by sweeping her to the floor and completing the move with both a punch and loud KIAI!

The Brown Belts were next so in addition to Megan, who had to pick herself off the floor, JJ, Connor, Tom (J) and Romilly then performed kata ‘Bassai Dai’.  They were then joined by Black Belts: Sharky, Jack, Eric, Aya, Rachel and Pam; to do Jiyu Ippon Kumite (one attack semi freestyle) a more advanced form of sparring.

Our current Children’s Team Kata Southern Region and National Youth Champions – Aya, Mia and Teah then performed a well-timed Kata ‘Empi’.  They were then joined by our other Black Belts to do Kaishi Ippon Kumite whereby the first attack is prearranged but then any block or counter can be chosen as the defender both defends and then attacks their opponent who in turns counter attacks to finish each drill.

Mia the National Youth and Southern Region Champion in both Kata and Kumite then performed an advanced Kata with an excellent ‘Gojushiho Sho’.

This then led to whole class participating in Jiyu Kumite (Freestyle Sparring).  It was explained that we allow both our younger members and low grades to do some free sparring but only under supervision and with the correct protective equipment (mitts/guards).  We then asked the only the Black Belts to spar with each other so the onlookers could get a better understanding of the Karate dynamics and speed involved when performing at an advanced level.

In the finale our National Adult Team Kata Champions Eric, Jack and Sharky performed a self-defence routine. Eric, (also a student at Boswells School) had just finished playing in his Band and had to run over and join us, was now faced with two attackers.   The odds were not great for Eric from the start but, after a number of strongly defended attacks, his assailants then decided they need even more help and produced a knife(*).  Eric continued to outfight them both and he even managed to get the knife off them. Then after several unarmed attacks ensured Jack was left finished on the floor as he performed a tobi geri (flying jump kick) to knock down his elder brother Sharky.  The crowd was amazed and yet again gave another loud applause.

This brought the demonstration to a close with Ben Pickwick and Jamie Lottering distributing leaflets to those people interested in learning more about Karate and our Club. 

With the demonstration over our team then took the opportunity to join in the festivities including dodgem cars, bouncy castles and candyfloss!

Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club would like to thank all the members who participated, the friends and family who added their support, the audience for their enthusiasm and a big ‘Thank You’ to Boswells School for inviting us to participate in your 50th Anniversary Celebrations!

(*) WARNING – It is important to note that for Safety Purposes the knife used in this demonstration was a rubber training knife so please do not try to do this at home.