Chelmsford SKC News Article

On the 6th October 2012, Richard Kheder, Jane Naylor-Jones and Richard Naylor-Jones attended the KUGB Special Dan Grading Course in Bath.  The main Sports Hall was packed with Blackbelts from 1st to 7th Dan all training under Sensei Andy Sherry, Chief Instructor of the KUGB.  This course was then followed by a grading examination.

On the examination panel were Sensei Andy Sherry (8th Dan), Sensei Bob Poynton (7th Dan) and Sensei Frank Brennan (7th Dan).  All those taking the exam were brought together and then split into two groups.  The groups were split based on grade level, with those going for 5th and 6th Dan asked to leave and the doors closed.

The first and larger group, to take their exam, included Richard Kheder and after two hours he appeared with a big smile as he had passed his Sandan (Third Dan).  

           6 October 2012: Chelmsford trio pass their Gradings

Photo:  Richard Kheder with Sensei Frank Brennan following his Sandan pass at Bath, 6 October ,2012.

Jane and Richard had a couple of minutes to congratulate Richard Kheder and then it was their turn.  The door was closed and those taking the exam were put to the test.  

Prior to the course and grading, the participants must submit a Thesis to the Examining Board.  For the physical Fifth Dan (Godan) examination, those grading must perform the following:

Kihon -

Advanced combinations


1.  An advanced Kata that you may choose.

2. Kata Bunkai - demonstrating with a partner and explaining to the Examiners the application of each move in a Kata chosen by the Examiners.

3.  Perform an Advanced Kata chosen by the Examiners.

Kumite -

1. Demonstrate with a partner and explain to the Examiners your favourite fighting tactics.  All techniques must be executed with precision both when explaining the tactic chosen and then with full speed and power against an opponent.  

2.  Kaishi Ippon Kumite - An advanced form of Semi free Attack Sparring. 

3.  Jiyu Kumite - Freestyle with at least one opponent.

Jane and Richard passed their examination and were each graded to Godan (5th Dan Blackbelt). 

         6 October 2012: Chelmsford trio pass their Gradings

Photo: Richard & Jane with the KUGB Examiners - Sensei Poynton, Sensei Sherry & Sensei Brennan

Congratulations to Richard (K), Jane and Richard (N) on their new grades!