Chelmsford SKC News Article

Chelmsford SKC are again in the Newspapers!  This time it is as a result of three of our members grading to Black Belt .

Below is the full page article including picture.

4 April 2015: Chronicle News : Chelmsford trio make grade and earn black beltsPhoto:  Essex Chronicle Newspaper, Thursday 2 April 2015 page 63

The article explains that Kamil Wlodarczyk, Wilson Tang, and Jessica Steadman all passed their Black Belts.   

There is a picture of our three young students with Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones and the article is titled  'Chelmsford trio make grade and earn black belts' 

Note - The Essex Chronicle Newspaper is a weekly newspaper and this article was published this week in the Thursday April 2, 2015 edition (Price 95p).