Chelmsford SKC News Article

Chelmsford SKC are again in the Newspapers!  This time it is as a result of five of our members being selected for the KUGB England Squad.

Below is the full page article including picture.

5 March 2015: Chronicle Reports on England Stars

Photo:  Essex Chronicle Sports Back Page - (L-R) Teah Pope, Jamie Lottering, Jack Hillsden, Eric Austin-Coskry and Emma Burke

The article explains that Emma Burke, Eric Austin-Coskry, Jack Hillsden, Jamie Lottering, and Teah Pope were all selected for the KUGB England Squad for 2015.   It also reports that they are representing England at the KUGB Grand Slam Competition.

There is a picture of our five representatives with the England flag and the article is titled    'Chelmsford Karate stars set for national service' and even better it is on the Back page!

Note - The Essex Chronicle Newspaper is a weekly newspaper and this article was published this week in the Thursday March 5, 2015 edition (Price 95p).