Chelmsford SKC News Article

So if you were wondering what was going on in the dojo tonight - this is it!

As it was National Fitness Day ITV Anglia came along to film and interview the Club for their main news story.    They were reporting on the worrying trend that studies have shown that children are becoming heavier and physically weaker due to the lack of regular physical exercise.  The good news is that they wanted to show our Club as a positive example of what is being done to combat this problem and providing children with regular structured exercise through Karate.

The news was going out live so they needed a stronger WIFI signal.  Unfortunately they could not get this inside the Sports Hall so, as the weather was good, we moved outside to get a better signal.  

We set up outside on mats and did a little bit of training (on a slope) while Sensei Richard was being interviewed.  Our Young Shotokan Tigers watched the display from the sides and were very well behaved while the crew filmed. During the interview Sensei Richard talked about the positive benefits of Karate for both mental and physical wellbeing and the feedback since from social media has been excellent.

Once the filming was finished we all went back into the Sports Hall inside and carried on training.

We are very proud to have been on ITV Anglia's 6 o'clock news (again!) So a BIG Thank you to ITV Anglia for featuring our Club and also to Active Essex for recommending us.  We hope to see you again soon. 

A special thank you to everyone who came along early (including the parents) at short notice for the TV Cameras and everyone who trained tonight.  Well done!