Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Wednesday members from Chelmsford SKC attended a Shotokan Tigers Easter Special Course.  Nineteen Students attended, ranging from Orange Belt to Black belt, and they were taught by Sensei Jane Naylor-Jones (5th Dan).

11 April 2014: Easter Course for Chelmsford's Shotokan Tigers a great successPhoto:  Chelmsford's Shotokan Tigers with their Certificates from the Easter Special Course

The course started with a warm up, and then the Tigers were put through their basics techniques.  There was a brief interval when they were tested on their belt tying skills. Sensei Jane then taught Kata, the Brown Belts learnt Kata Bunkai (application of Kata) for Bassai Dai, while some higher Grades practiced their Team Kata for the upcoming KUGB National Championships

At the end, there was time for them to work on their speed, balance, teamwork skills as they let off some steam with some relay races!

As usual the course was a great success, the date of the Chelmsford Tigers May Half term Special Course will be announced shortly.