Chelmsford SKC News Article

Today after a week's intensive training on the 'Train With The Champions' Residential Course at Lancaster University Ella Roberts (aged 15)  took and successfully passed her 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Ella who regularly attends the residential week courses in both Lancaster and Torbay each year had been preparing for her grading over recent months.  She attended the course along with other Club members: Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones, Megan Naylor-Jones, Nick Nelson and Romilly Pope.

The course itself provides the opportunity to train at least twice a day with the Senior Sensei's of the KUGB.  In addtion, there are special pre-grading courses, lectures, Bo Classes and social activities.  Immersed in Karate for a week is an excellent way to prepare for a grading especially one as tough as a 2nd Dan examination.

Ella trained throughout the week taking on board the knowledge and guidance from the Senior Instructors to enhance her preparation already completed in the weeks & months leading upto the grading by Sensei Jane and Richard.

On the day she completed a one and half training session and then took her examination under Sensei Sherry (9th Dan) and Sensei Brennan (8th Dan).   Sensei Richard who was there to support Ella watched as she went through the tough examination of Advanced Kihon, Kata and Kumite.  Her performance on the day was excellent and she was rewarded by passing her 2nd Dan Black Belt.  Well done Ella. 

Ella with Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan following her 2nd Dan Success