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Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club are in this weeks Essex Chronicle's Community News section.  The article explains, that last Saturday, on the 10th October our club showed its support for World Mental Health Day with a free karate taster session at Dovedale Sports Centre.  

The session was open to both our members and the general public.   Immediately following the training, the group took the opportunity to have some light refreshments and enjoy cakes provided by 'Louise's Cupcakes' and Romilly Pope.  During this time, Sensei Richard spoke about the importance of raising awareness of Mental Health, about what we can do to support those with Mental Health issues and what you can do for yourself to look after your own mental health and well being.  

He also explained that Karate, in itself, promotes mental health as well as physical well being. Beyond the technical skills that are taught, our system of training provides individuals with the benefits of self development, self confidence, self esteem and helps to develop an overall positive attitude that can impact on all other aspects of life.  

10 October 2015: Essex Chronicle reports 'Club supports World Mental Health Day' Photo:  Article from Essex Chronicle 'Club Supports World Mental Health Day'

Earlier this year the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), as part of the English Karate Council, were actively involved in supporting the launch of the Mental Health Charter.  You will see from earlier articles in our news section that members of Chelmsford attended the launch at the Kia Oval and were shown on National TV alongside the then Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

As part of the launch the KUGB signed up for the Charter and gave its commitment to support this important initiative.  Last Saturdays' Karate Taster at Dovedale Sports Centre was part of a wider programme where a number of other KUGB Clubs and members across the country also supported World Mental Health Day. 

You will see that the newspaper article explains that we have been working with both MIND and the Mental Health Foundation to support this programme.  We would like to thank them for providing the reference material used to talk about Mental Health along with their support and encouragement.   We would also like to thank Dovedale Sports Centre and its staff for providing their facilities free, Louise's Cupcakes, Romilly Pope and Priscila Suarez for providing refreshments and for all those who attended and who made a donation.  


Thank you also to the Essex Chronicle for publishing the article to help raise awareness. The Essex Chronicle is a weekly newspaper and this article was published this week on page 39 in the Thursday 15 October, 2015 edition (Price £1).

15 October 2015: Essex Chronicle reports 'Club supports World Mental Health Day'Photo: Refreshments following the Free Karate Taster


             15 October 2015: Essex Chronicle reports 'Club supports World Mental Health Day'