Chelmsford SKC News Article

GREAT NEWS! Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club are in the Essex Chronicle Newspaper today as a result of the large number of Black belt success we have had in recent weeks. 

21 April 2016: Essex Chroncile reports 21 April 2016: Essex Chroncile reports Photo: Essex Chronicle article from 21 April 2016 edition.

There is a fantastic picture of nine of our Black Belts (courtesy of Teah Pope) and the article explains that a magnificent seven were graded by Examiners Sensei Sherry (9th Dan) and Sensei Brennan (8th Dan) at Torbay.  Ian, Matthew and Ben were awarded their 1st Dan, whilst quartet Lisa, Wayne, Megan and Connor were awarded their 2nd Dans. It also mentions duo Alastair Ward (1st Dan) Melvyn Tang (2nd Dan) who passed at Abingdon a few weeks earlier.

The article is packed full of information and also talks about the success Anya Dunbar, Alex Lockett and Jamie Lottering had at the Train with the Champions Kata Competition bringing home two Golds and A bronze. 

Well done to everyone and thank you to Essex Chronicle for publishing this.

Note - The Essex Chronicle Newspaper is a weekly newspaper and this article was published this week in the Thursday April 21, 2016 edition (Price £1) on page 69.