Chelmsford SKC News Article

We are in the Essex Chronicle newspaper today following our outstanding success at the KUGB Southern Region Championships on Saturday 8 June.  The Chronicle leads with the title "Lockett leads Karate Club on a Proud Day" as we won 7 trophies and 38 medals.

Our Competitor performances om the day were all fantastic with the Club reaching 19 of the 24 Finals.  In particular, Alexander Lockett was on superb form as he became Grand Champion and was awarded the Most Outstanding Competitor for a second successive year.  The article covers everyone who medalled and shows the Club's strength and depth in both the Children and Adult Categories.

A big 'Thank You' to the Chronicle has dedicated almost a full page on the Club's achievements and you can buy a copy at your local retailer for £1.50.

Below is a picture of the article with all Chelmsford Squad, Medal Winners and Trophies standing proud on the podium,