Chelmsford SKC News Article

Chelmsford Karate Club run a morning's training course during every half-term.  This week was no exception, with two busy courses running - one for kyu grades and one for Black & Brown Belts which was described as a Super Secret Special Course.

  27 October 2016: Half-Term Training Course

As people were arriving, a video showcasing Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda, the original Shotokan Tiger that our "Tigers" are named after.  Sadly most of the people on the course were too young to have trained with Sensei Enoeda, but Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard told them more about him.

At the start of the course we always have an 'ice-breaker' to get everyone moving and it gives the opportunity for some of the younger members to get to know the higher grades. After that we moved straight to the warm-up before we split the classes into two groups.

27 October 2016: Half-Term Training Course

Sensei Jane first took the white belts and kyu grades for some work on basic punches concentrating first on technique, then power followed by some pair work.  Sensei Richard however took the high grades for Kata part of their course which was "Secret" and "Special". It was so secret that we can't even tell you here what they did, but it was enjoyed by everyone, especially those who had just graded to brown belt.

After a quick break Sensei Richard took the kyu grades for Kata so that those newly graded could bed-in their new Katas and Megan, one of our Young Leaders, helped with the very young white belts.

27 October 2016: Half-Term Training Course 

The high grades worked on advanced kumite drills, concentrating on speed and control.

For the final part of the course the high grades paired up with the lower grades to introduce them to freestyle kumite and took the opportunity to work on their own kumite as well.

 27 October 2016: Half-Term Training Course

What was the "super" part of the high grades course we hear you ask?  That was a text message and phone call from Sensei Frank Brennan.  How fantastic is that?

Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard were very proud to see so many people attending the course.