Chelmsford SKC News Article

Following the success of last years Personal Safety course with the 2nd South Woodham Ferrers Girl Guides, we were very pleased to be invited to teach the 4th South Woodham Ferrers Girl Guides in March.

So, for the past couple of weeks Sensei Richard and Young Leader Megan Naylor-Jones have been teaching the Girl Guides safety defence techniques and preventative strategies to stay safe.   The course is designed for the participants to increase their self awareness on personal safety, provide practical advice on how to avoid confrontation and, if faced with no alternative, to learn basic techniques on how to deal with confrontation

Furthermore, this course will help them as they work towards their Personal Safety Badge from the Girl Guides.

We received some great feedback and following the course Girl Guide Leader Ann Woolley said "We took them on a bus outing yesterday and several were talking about how to deal with strangers attacking them as we waited for the bus, so they must have taken in what you taught them"

The course finished with each participant being presented with a certificate from Sensei Richard.

16 March 2017: Helping to guide the Girl Guides to Safety

If you are interested in learning Personal Safety and Self Defence Skills Sensei Richard and Jane have been delivering these training courses since 2005.  They can be tailored to meet the needs and profile of the organisation or individuals.  Recent clients include Coventry University and Myriad Genetics Limited.