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On Saturday 17 May Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club organised an Instructors Workshop at their Dovedale Sports Centre Dojo.   The course was led by Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones and was for both current Instructors and those wishing to become an Instructor.  Karateka attended from Chingford Tora, Stock SKC, Stoke By Nayland SKC and, of course, Chelmsford SKC.

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop Photo:  Instructor Workshop Team Photo!

(L-R) Back row: Teah Pope, Barry McInerney, Rob Selvage, Richard Naylor-Jones, Roy Smith, Richard Kheder, Graham Skarott.  Middle Row: Chris Harris, Megan Naylor-Jones, Jamie Lottering, Pamela Pickwick, Wayne Lottering.  Front Row: Romilly Pope, Jessica Steadman, Alexander Lockett, Kamil Wlodarczyk, Ben Pickwick

The Workshop started with an overview of why the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) has it's own National Instructor's Qualification Programme.  He explained, as part of a Karateka's overall development, the Instructor Qualification extends their skills, knowledge and builds into place best practice in their teaching of KUGB Karate.  In the early 1990’s, the KUGB worked with the Open College Network to develop this Qualification Programme and, as a result, it supports the KUGB’s primary aim which is the practice of Karate and its development to a high technical standard.

Sensei Richard then continued with some background on the KUGB’s history and legacy of Chief Instructors including Hirokazu Kanazawa, Keinosuke Enoeda and, current Chief Instructor, Sensei Andy Sherry.   He emphasized that Sensei Enoeda (Chief Instructor to the KUGB from 1968-2003) had received instruction from both the founder of modern shotokan, Sensei Funakoshi and the late, great Sensei Nayakama. From 1968 onwards, Sensei Enoeda passed on his teaching methods to the KUGB and it’s Seniors.

Richard also reminded the participants that Chelmsford SKC was established by the late Sensei Charles Naylor in 1967.  Sensei Naylor was the KUGB’s Vice Chairman, and member of both the Executive and Technical Committee.  Furthermore, he was a personal student of Sensei Enoeda and had also trained under Sensei Nakayama.  He taught not only in the UK but also internationally and was the president of both World Shotokan Karate Association (WSKA) and European Shotokan Karate Association (ESKA).   Sensei Naylor developed hundreds of Karateka to Black belt and competitors to both national and international standard.  He laid the foundations in terms of training methods, technical excellence, dedication required and much more for us to follow.   Needless to say that Sensei Dot Naylor, her too a student of Sensei Enoeda and also trained with Nakayama, ensures that we continue to teach strong karate based on high technical standards and in line with those set by the KUGB.

Sensei Richard then went through the KUGB Instructor Portfolio. He gave an overview of the role and responsibilities of a KUGB Instructor.  

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop Photo:  Sensei Richard (right) explaining the importance of earning the respect of your students by acting as a role model both in and outside the Dojo.  Watching and listening (L-R) Teah Pope, Richard Kheder and Roy Smith.

He then went through the Guidelines on ‘Best’ practice on how to teach KUGB Karate to all ages and levels.  Within the Portfolio Section on Guidelines there are twelve sections with comprehensive material on each to help build the skills and knowledge of an Instructor.  They include: Organisation Structure; Ethics and Codes of Behaviour; Administration; Safety; Stretching, fitness and conditioning exercises; Teaching Skills - General; Karate Specific; Children; Special Needs; First Aid, the Law; and Information Sources.  In addition, Richard went through briefly the additional sections in the Portfolio on: the KUGB Syllabus  - including the Physical Education GCSE and A Level Syllabus; Competition Rules; KUGB Constitution; and the Assessment process for those wishing to become an Instructor.

With this review complete the Workshop became more practical based and it was into the Dojo to look at the Instructors role in Teaching a lesson.  This started with the participants checking the room layout, facilities, etc and that the Dojo was safe for students to train in.  The class lined up and the warm up then followed, with attention given to the method and how to stretch correctly on each exercise.   Sensei Richard along with Sensei Jane Naylor-Jones then took the class through the key points and methodology for teaching Kihon to students of all levels and ages. 

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop

Photo:  Karate is for all ages and levels - (L-R) Alexander Lockett and Richard Kheder being taught Kihon -  Empi Uchi (elbow strike)

This was then followed by two further sessions on ‘How to teach Kata’ and then ‘How to teach Kumite’. During the course Sensei Richard made reference a number of times to Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Naylor and Sensei Sherry when highlighting different aspects of being an Instructor.

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop Photo: Gohon Kumite - Sensei Richard explains the importance of a strong martial attitude.  (L-R) Alexander Lockett facing Kamil Wlodarcyzk, Ben Pickwick facing RomillyPope, Jessica Steadman facing Rob Selvage

            22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop

Photo:   Gohon Kumite - Richard Kheder prepares to attack Graham Skarott

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop Photo:  Kihon Ippon Kumite - Sensei Richard coaches Megan Naylor-Jones on the most effective way to use her Age uke (rising block) to defend against Chris Harris's Jodan Oi-zuki (stepping punch to the face) 

The Workshop was designed to be interactive to support the learning process of the participants.  Therefore, those participating were not only students but were also given exercises to take the role as an Instructor. 

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop Photo: Pamela Pickwick (left) teaches Kata Heian Nidan to Megan Naylor-Jones (middle) and Romilly Pope (right)

A number of Chelmsford SKC Juniors also took part in the course.  In one of the exercises they were discretely asked to test the observation skills and knowledge of those who were acting as Instructors – this ranged from one student wearing earrings, deliberately making mistakes in their Kata, to a student asking if he could go to the toilet when asked to announce his Kata!  On a more serious note the Juniors, as Karateka, showed great maturity when they were given the opportunity to provide feedback to their Seniors and also when requested to be an Instructor themselves in an exercise. Observing an 8 year old teach a 30 year Long Standing Member and another experienced Black belt Kihon was certainly memorable! 

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop

Photo: Role reversal - Junior Alexander Lockett (far right) takes charge and instructs Black belts Barry McInerney (left) and Richard Kheder (right)

Throughout the practical part of the programme Sensei Richard highlighted the need for best practice and frequently referred to the different sections of the Portfolio.  For those new to the programme it provided an insight into the level of knowledge and skills required to meet the high standards expected in the KUGB of it’s Instructors.

22 May 2014: Instructor's Workshop

Photo:  The Group gather to listen attentively to the closing summary of the Workshop (L-R) Jamie Lottering, Wayne Lottering, Alexander Lockett, Megan Naylor-Jones, Teah Pope and Roy Smith.

At the end of the Workshop, Sensei Richard explained that to either qualify as a KUGB Instructor, or once qualified, they need to both study hard and continue to develop their teaching skills and expertise. It is a continuous learning process so they will need to keep on not only the review and update of their Instructor proficiency but also to attend KUGB training Courses to ensure the development of their personal Karate skills.

Sensei Richard and Sensei Jane would like to thank all those who participated and helped make the Workshop an enjoyable experience.  Based on the feedback and success of this Workshop we already have a number of people interested in attending future courses. As a result we are in the process of scheduling an additional Instructor Workshop later this year.  Watch out for this date on both our Facebook and Website Events page.