Chelmsford SKC News Article

Each half term, or holiday, we run a 3 hour course at Dovedale Sports Centre and this May was no exception.  This time it was our SuperHero Workshop to cater for our younger members, and a not the SuperHero Workshop for our higher grades.

Superhero Workshop 2018 

After meeting and greeting the participants, we made a big circle and had an ice-breaker - a time for everyone to get to know each other.  This year Sensei Jane introduced each person, asked them their age and everyone else decided on their Super Power for the day which ranged from invisibility and speed to sleeping and eating :-D.

Even Superheroes have to warm up (and we had the whole Sports Centre to ourselves :-)

After a quick warm up, we split everyone into two classes.  Sensei Richard quickly had the older and higher graded members working on Kata, while Sensei Jane split her group once again and assigned them Super Team Leaders (KUGB Young Leaders Megan and Lucy).

The Workshop was designed to work on three key areas:  Super Strength, Super Fitness and Super Speed.  We worked on some punches and kicks with Spiderman leaps and Captain America poses added in, then found a partner to work on fitness, i.e. sit ups, press ups and mountain climbers.

All this time Sensei Richard had been working with his group on the Kata, Bassai Dai and its application, or Bunkai which everyone really enjoyed.  His group then broke into Team Katas as the Southern Region Championships is approaching while the rest working on Kumite drills.

Not the Superheroes working on Kata Bassai Dai

Not the Superheroes working on Bunkai

After a drink and a snack, Sensei Jane's class we started to work on Super Speed and got out some of the equipment, ladders etc and started working on plyometric jumps and footwork drills through races and games.  Not to be outdone, the higher grades joined in too and we worked in two well matched teams.

Superhero fun & games 

We just had time at the end to give out certificates and for some photos with the fantastic backgrounds loaned to us by Joanne Pendrous at Party In A Box.

Sensei Richard handing out Workshop Certificates

We'll definitely be running this one again!  More photos to be found on our Facebook page, but here's a small selection.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  No it's SuperSensei Richard

Superhero fun and games part 2

 Spiderman was very popular

 Super Black Belts, Alex and Nick, soon got into character

Beth preserving her identity

Another great Spiderman

 Super Black Belts Mia and Ella trying not to look conspicuous

Great photo of Black Belt Alex by Young Leader Megan Naylor-Jones

Another fab photo by Young Leader, Megan Naylor-Jones showing Jess saving the planet

Super Kids