Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Sunday 6th October Pamela Pickwick, Wayne Lottering and Richard Naylor-Jones took the opportunity to go to the KUGB Referees and Judges Course in Lichfield.  

This Day course is free of charge, available to all Adult Black belt KUGB members and is run twice a year.  The course was led by Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Chief Instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) and Sensei Bob Poynton (8th Dan).  

            â€‹13 October 2013: Judgement Day.....

Photo: (L-R) Richard Naylor-Jones, Pamela Pickwick and Wayne Lottering

KUGB Referees and Judges Course, Lichfield 6 October 2013

The course started with a review of the KUGB Competition Rules (which if you are interested can be found on the KUGB website:  The time flew by as those in attendance asked multiple questions and posed theoretical scenario's to the Senseis to help clarify their understanding of the Rules.  

Then those taking either the Referee or Judges examination were asked to remain in the room to take a written paper whilst the others had an early lunch.  Pam and Wayne were on their first course so can take the Judges examination next time.   Whilst Richard qualified as a Referee, way back in 1992, so was there for a refresher and to keep his skills/knowledge up to date.

After lunch everyone participating (those being assessed and those not) were asked to set up the room for a competition, marking out the match area, setting up the control table and checking that all the necessary equipment for the Referees, Judges and Timekeepers was in the right place and working (including bells, stopwatches and that scorecards contained all the numbers!).

    â€‹        â€‹13 October 2013: Judgement Day.....

Photo: Referee, Judges and Competitors Line up - Pamela Pickwick is the first Judge on your right

Warming up in the background for the competition were competitors from the local KUGB Clubs who were ready to impress Sensei Sherry and Sensei Poynton with their Kumite and Kata skills.

            â€‹13 October 2013: Judgement Day.....

Photo: The Match Control Table and Examiners

(L-R) Rob Welsh (Member of KUGB Championship Committee), Pamela Pickwick, Alan Hook, Sensei Bob Poynton and Sensei Andy Sherry

The competition involved a number of categories, split by Adults and Children, including Individual and Team Kumite and Individual Kata events.  Everyone had the opportunity to do some Judging and work the Control Table.  You would think that only those who were taking the exam felt the pressure but everyone participating had to perform to their best under the close and watchful eyes of Sensei Sherry and Sensei Poynton.

           13 October 2013: Judgement Day.....

Photo:  Decision time - Wayne Lottering (Bottom Corner left) shows his decision on a Kumite match  

At the end of the course Sensei Bob Poynton gave feedback to the candidates and Sensei Sherry made a presentation to the Referee who passed.

For those attending for the first time it was an eye opener to the challenge of being a Referee and Judge, the standard required and how different it is to being a spectator at a competition calling out every score! 

Watch out for the KUGB calendar for 2014 and if you are a Blackbelt, over 18 and a KUGB member you should attend the course.  This includes Instructors, Coaches and Competitors!