Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Sunday morning following our regular class we said our goodbyes to our Kiwi family - 'The Fergusons'.

Mother Alex along with brothers Sam and Connor started Karate training with us a few years ago.    When we found out that they were leaving we were very sad but made sure that they could continue their Karate journey when they return to New Zealand.  Sensei Jane reached out to the Karate World and we are happy that they have a good organisation to go to in New Zealand with Sensei Edmond Otis. We are looking forward to keeping in touch and also seeing photos of them on their travels wearing their KUGB Chelmsford T-shirts.

1 August 2016: KUGB Chelmsford's New Zealand Branch!Photo:  Ferguson Family with Sensei Richard and Megan (L-R) Sam, Megan, Connor, Alex and Sensei Richard

A special thank you goes to Chelmsford member and famous cartoonist  - Ron McGeary for the wonderful cartoon he produced for the occasion.  It shows the trio as 'KUGB Chelmsford New Zealand Branch'.

1 August 2016: KUGB Chelmsford's New Zealand Branch!

Photo:  KUGB Chelmsford New Zealand Branch -

Cartoon by Ron McGeary presented to the Fergusons to help remind them of us all and their mission!

Everyone from Chelmsford Karate Club wishes all the Ferguson family the very best as they move back to New Zealand.  You will always be very welcome at Chelmsford Karate Club.

1 August 2016: KUGB Chelmsford's New Zealand Branch!Photo:  Chelmsford Karate Club say a Farewell to the Fergusons