Chelmsford SKC News Article

Congratulations to everyone who entered the KUGB's National Championships on 5th May 2012, in particular to Teah Pope who took bronze in the Girl's Kumite Over 5'3" and Jack Somers who took silver in the Men's Individual Kumite.


Teah Pope also, together with team mates Aya Rainer and Mia Hillsden, won the Children's Team Kata.

           13 May 2012: KUGB National Championships 2012

Photo:  KUGB National Champions 2012 - Teah Pope, Mia Hillsden and Aya Rainer

Congratulations also to one of our own, Holly Sterling, who won Ladies Individual Kumite and Ladies Individual Kata to become Grand Champion.  Holly was also the winner of the Sensei Enoeda Trophy for most outstanding competitor over 21.

Congratulations to Ryan Spencer of Sendai Kushiro Karate Club for winning the Charles Naylor Trophy for most outstanding competitor under 16.