Chelmsford SKC News Article

Today we received a very nice letter from Sir Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford who attended our 'Time to Talk' event at Dovedale Sports Centre on the 6th February.

In the letter he states that "I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that there will be an opportunity for me to visit again sometime".  

Sir Simon Burns also writes "I send my very best wishes to all those associated with the Chelmsford Karate Club".

Chelmsford Karate club would like to thank Sir Simon Burns again for attending our 'Time to Talk' event and also for his recent letter.

    â€‹    â€‹    â€‹25 February 2016: Letter from Sir Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford

Photo:  Sir Simon Burns, MP for Chelmsford at our 'Time to Talk' event with Chelmsford Karate Club's Chief Instructor, Sensei Dot Naylor