Chelmsford SKC News Article

Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan) and Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones (5th Dan)

As proud members of the KUGB, we are privileged to have access to, in our opinion, the best Karate Instructors in the World.  In the world of Karate, the name Frank Brennan is known world-wide. His reputation as a competitor preceded him and he was the man the JKA Team trained to beat at the 1990 World Championships.

Expert at both Kata and Kumite, he has been KUGB Grand Champion more times than anyone and, we suspect, he doesn't have room for all the trophies he has won over the years. 

As an Instructor, his thoughtful approach and excellent explanations of techniques, mindset and strategy are very much in demand so we always travel to train with him whenever possible.

Last Sunday, even though he had taught at our Chelmsford Dojo in the morning, Sensei Richard travelled to Ipswich to train with Sensei Brennan courtesy of Chelmsford member Emma Burke and her club, Regashi Karate Academy.  Although Emma trains and competes for Chelmsford, she lives in Ipswich and has recently launched her own club there.  Sunday was their first ever club grading.

Regashi Chief Instructor, Emma Burke and Sensei Richard listen intently to Sensei Brennan's instructions

Although the class included from the youngest white belts right through to senior dan grades, Sensei Brennan managed to engage everyone with his teaching which is always inspiring and motivational.  ​

Sensei Richard and Regashi Senior Instructor, Stephen Hunt perform Kata Nijushiho 

We asked Sensei Richard why he enjoyed training with Sensei Brennan so much, he said "Apart from the Black and Brown Belt Courses with the KUGB I also train on the KUGB Central Region Kata Squad which Sensei Brennan teaches.   We also invite him to teach at our Club and I support the other Regional clubs whenever possible when they have him teach.  

In order to continuously improve both my karate training and coaching skills I regularly attend classes with the KUGB Seniors.  Each year on average I regularly train with Sensei Brennan over 15 times a year, both in Chelmsford and across the Country. 

I remember watching him compete at the World Championships and was always impressed by his technical standard, attitude and etiquette.  These traits have carried forward into his coaching where it is clear that he is one of the best Coaches in the world.  To have the opportunity to regularly train with him is extremely valuable and helps me coach our own students to a high standard.

Thank you to Emma and Regashi Karate Academy for the invitation.

Sensei Richard still focused after spending a Day in White Pyjamas