Chelmsford SKC News Article


Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan) with the Black & Brown Belts

Inthe world of Karate, the name Frank Brennan is known world-wide.  His reputation as a competitor preceeded him and he was the man the JKA Team trained to beat at the 1990 World Championships.

Expert at both Kata and Kumite, he has been KUGB Grand Champion more times than anyone and, we suspect, he doesn't have room for all the trophies he has won over the years.  

As an Instructor, his thoughtful approach and excellent explanations of techniques, mindset and strategy are very much in demand so we are always proud and privileged to be able to host him.

Over the weekend, Chelmsford hosted a fantastic course with him and he was kind enough afterwards to grade a few youngsters who had missed out on the previous grading with Sensei Sherry. 

Sensei Frank Brennan with one of young students, Alex D

Sensei Brennan focusing on Kata with Megan and Nick

Sensei Brennan working on Bassai Dai with Alex L (2nd Dan)

It didn't stop there though.  The following day Sensei Brennan was teaching at Chingford Tora and Sensei Richard took the opportunity to go and train with him again along with Sensei Richard Kheder, Wayne and Jamie Lottering who all enjoyed the lesson.

Not to be outdone, Sensei Jane raced off to Ipswich after teaching the Chelmsford Sunday morning class, to train with Sensei Brennan again, this time with Nick and Alex, two of our young black belts.  Many miles were travelled, but it was definitely worth it.

Thank you to everyone who attended our course at Writtle College and congratulations to those from Chelmsford, Regashi Karate Academy and Senshuken who graded.  Thanks also to Chingford Tora and Ipswich Higashi for the invitation to train.