Chelmsford SKC News Article

Sensei Dot was invited to the Mayor of Chelmsford's Parlour and received an award last night. The Mayor of Chelmsford presented her with a certificate as an acknowledgement of her outstanding volunteer work to encourage and promote sport and fitness within Chelmsford.

This is yet another fantastic award in recognition of her passion and dedication that she has given over the past 49 years to both Karate and her students.  Well done Sensei Dot!

Below is the official photograph with Councillor Paul Hutchinson, Mayor of Chelmsford.


    â€‹                â€‹18 August 2015:


Photo:  Councillor Paul Hutchinson, Mayor of Chelmsford presenting Sensei Dot Naylor with her award

Photograph Courtesy of Chelmsford City Council 

Sensei Dot would like to say a special thank you to all of the people she met at the ceremony and for making her feel very welcome.