Chelmsford SKC News Article

Sensei Jane with our Students and Mums

Mums and Dads often say that they wish they could sit in and watch their children train, so on Mother's Day we invited our members to give their Mums (and Dads if they wished) the best present ever - the opportunity to train alongside them!  What could be better :-D

We had great fun teaching them basic blocks and punches with their children working alongside them and then worked them hard with some fast footwork drills and exercises.

Footwork drills and some fun and games at the same time

After the first hour we let the mums sit at the back and watch the rest of the class and  many of them commented on how much appreciation that had for the work their children do day in and day out in the Dojo.  After class we took some photos so that the Mums could celebrate their special day :-D

Karate Mums - just like normal mums, just cooler!