Chelmsford SKC News Article

Blackbelts Rachel Cohen and Sharky Austin-Coskry recently passed their Karate Union of Great Britain's (KUGB) National Trainee Instructor Qualification. Both of them had been studying for the examination for some time and passed in the summer but with Rachel off to University it was a rare opportunity to get them together for a photo with KUGB Assessor and Chelmsford Instructor - Richard Naylor-Jones (5th Dan).

Richard said "Rachel and Sharky had been diligently studying and practising their coaching skills in preparation for their exam.  He was extremely pleased that they had both attained the high standard expected within the KUGB to successfully pass.   Their studies and development will not stop here and they will now work over the next two years to pass their Full Instructors Qualification".

Well done to Rachel and Sharky!

           17 November 2013: Rachel and Sharky awarded their KUGB Trainee Instructor Qualification

Photo: (L-R) Rachel Cohen, Richard Naylor-Jones and Sharky Austin-Coskry