Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Saturday the 6 September, Chelmsford SKC held a Referee and Judges Workshop at Dovedale Sports Centre for Black and Brown Belts.

Karateka attended from not only Chelmsford SKC, but also Denchi Kai, Ipswich Higashi, and Stock.  The purpose of the Workshop was to:

  1. - prepare Adult Black Belts for the KUGB Referee or Judge Examination on the 5th October (Lichfield), providing an opportunity to study the rules and apply their skills in a practical environment.
  3. - develop the understanding of the rules for competition for those currently competing and also Instructors and Coaches.

The Workshop was led by three very experienced KUGB Referees.  They were Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones (KUGB Referee since 1992), Sensei Jane Naylor-Jones (KUGB Referee since 1988) and Sensei Richard Kheder (KUGB Referee since 1998).

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo:  Workshop Participants - Back row (L-R): Graham Skarott, Ian Gilbert, Roy Smith, Emma Burke, Pamela Pickwick, Richard Naylor-Jones, Wayne Lottering, Richard Kheder, Lee McLeod, Teah Pope, Andy Crozier, Dave Moore, Andrew Steele and Alan Hook.  

Middle row: Matthew Dowling, Johnny Cohen, Ella Roberts, Jamie Lottering, Melvyn Tang, Rachel Cohen and Sian Butler.  Front Row: Matthew Gilbert, Ben Pickwick, Kamil Wlodarczyk, Wilson Tang and Alexander Lockett.

Those in attendance had the opportunity to gain some practical experience in Referee and Judging for both Kata and Kumite.  Following a brief introduction the participants started exercises to actively apply the Competition Rules and reinforce their learning.   The very first exercise was to set the Match Area up and Control Table making sure they had all the equipment necessary ready for a competition. This was followed an exercise on Referee and Judge signals and how to start and finish a match. 

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo:  Participants measure out the Match Area ready for the Competitors

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo:  The two Richard's lead the group in the Judges Signal practice

With this section complete they were ready for the competitors and started first with the rules and judging of Kumite matches. There are a lot of rules to learn and interpret, along with learning the Japanese terminology.  Therefore, to accelerate the learning, the Workshop leaders had set up some scenarios to where the Competitors were briefed to ‘play act’ some scenarios without the prior knowledge of those Referee and Judging.  This included areas such as how to deal with injuries, use of protective equipment and managing unwanted behaviour.

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo:  The Kumite Match - Matthew Dowling (L) and Jamie Lottering (R) compete with their  resulting actions (scores, misses, etc) ready to be assessed by the Referee, Judges and other Course participants

Once the scenarios were complete we moved to Individual Kumite and then Team Kumite matches.  Everyone was given the opportunity to adjudicate and those who were not sitting in the hot seat were asked to participate by standing behind a corner Judge and to also give their opinion.   Participants were challenged to explain their decisions, with coaching given to ensure the correct interpretation of the Rules as, and when, required. This format was also followed when the Kata Competition began.  

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo:  Fukushin Shugo!  The Referee (Dave Moore) calls together all the Judges to discuss an incident and the appropriate ruling - other participants in the background also debate their understanding of the incident

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo:  Heian Shodan! The Referee informs the competitors the Kata that should be performed as part of the elimination rounds 

10 September 2014: Referee and Judges Workshop

Photo: Hit or miss? Alan Hook referees a Kumite Match between Melvyn Tang (L) and Alexander Lockett (right)

All the participants fully immersed themselves in the Workshop and of course there were some light-hearted moments during the day.   This made for a very successful and enjoyable afternoon.

At the end, everyone left the Workshop understanding the challenge of being a Referee and Judge, the standard required and how different it is to being a spectator at a competition calling out the score.