Chelmsford SKC News Article

In our opinion, Referees and Judges Courses should be part of a Karateka's development.  Not just for those wanting to officiate at competitions, but also for competitors and Instructors alike which is why we run our own Referees & Judges Course.

Referees & Judges Course participants

Following on from the successful workshops we have run the past, this workshop covered the rulebook in a practical way by Refereeing and Judging Jiyu Kumite (freestyle), Kihon Ippon Kumite (one-step) and Kata.  The course is run by 3 of our senior grades, Richard Naylor-Jones, Richard Kheder and Jane Naylor-Jones, all three are very experienced KUGB Nationally Qualified Referees.

Jess steps up to perform a Kata for everyone to judge

Knowing and understanding the rules is essential, but it is also crucial to practice the various procedures and signals that a Referee and Judge must give.  Not only must they be able to do this with confidence, they need to be able to do everything under pressure.  

Let's practice bowing

It sounds a little silly to say we also practice waving our flags, but this is a crucial element to a Referees & Judges Course AND a well run competition.  If the Referee can't understand your flags they could end up giving an incorrect decision which could alter the course of a Competitor's success or lack of it.  This, in turn, could affect their selection for International competitions.  Just with a wave of a flag!


Sensei Richard Kheder takes everyone through flag protocols

We think it is essential for all of our potential Refs & Judges to be able to work on the table at a competition so we look at that aspect of the competition as well.

Sensei Richard discusses 'table admin' with the Team

Once again we had a great course and it gives potential KUGB Judges and Referees much needed practical experience.  It is definitely one we will be running again in 2019.