Chelmsford SKC News Article

HOT OFF THE PRESS is Sensei Andy Sherry's book - 'A Celebration of the KUGB as seen through the eyes of its Chief Instructor and other notable members' - Vol 1 (1943-1970).

This amazing book is part of a two-volume work published to mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the KUGB.  It charts the first 22 years of Sensei Sherry's 55 years dedication and devotion to Karate.  

           10 June 2016: Sensei Andy Sherry's Book - a 'must' read

Sensei Andy Sherry shares his insights and personal recollections along with very senior colleagues from the KUGB.   This includes the late Sensei Charles Naylor (7th Dan) and his wife and current Chief Instructor of Chelmsford Karate Club Sensei Dot Naylor - (and pictures!)

In addition, there is a picture of a very young Sensei Jane and Sensei Sherry makes reference to both Sensei Jane and Richard and our Chelmsford club in his book.

If you want to learn more about this famous Karate master, the development of Karate in the UK plus the formation of our fantastic organisation - the Karate Union of Great Britain - the largest single style Karate organisation in the UK this is 'A MUST BUY'.

Amongst those who have been lucky enough to have already bought a copy have said "it's amazing" - "I just can't put it down" and "when is the next volume out I can't wait".

Sensei Sherry will be in Chelmsford this Sunday - 19 June to teach and conduct a Kyu Grading. We will ask him to bring some books for you buy (£15 each) and if you ask him politely I am sure he will sign your book.