Chelmsford SKC News Article

Sensei Jane was invited by Sensei Ian Harman to teach at the Kyoshin SKC Dojo last Sunday.  Kyoshin SKC has two Dojo's and the Special course took place at the Caldicot Dojo in Monmouth, Wales.  In addition to Kyoshin members there were visitors from nearby KUGB clubs.

The first class was for Kyu Grades and Sensei Jane focused on Kata and Ippon Kumite.  

The second class was for Black and Brown Belts and included a number of former and current KUGB Wales Squad members.  Sensei Jane dedicated the session on Kumite- on the stamina required, speed and footwork, technical performance, set drills and freestyle.  

Both classes worked extremely hard and gave Sensei Jane some great feedback. 

    18 February 2014: Sensei Jane travels to Wales to teach at Kyoshin SKC

Photo: Sensei Jane Naylor-Jones (centre) with Kyoshin SKC and Friends.  Caldicot Dojo, 16 February 2014

Sensei Jane was well received by everyone at Kyoshin SKC.   Thank you to Sensei Ian Harman and his members for the invitation and thank you to the Hall Family for being so hospitable.