Chelmsford SKC News Article

Sensei Richard ran a 6 hour Personal Safety and Women's Self Defence Course for Coventry University over the past two weeks.

The course is designed for participants to increase their self awareness on personal safety, providing practical advice on how to avoid confrontation and if faced with no alternative to learn basic techniques on how to deal with confrontation.

Richard was supported by Chelmsford's Jack Hillsden, KUGB Assistant Instructor and student at Coventry University, along with his friend Josh Wilson who is the President of the Coventry University Karate Club.

The course was well attended with a very enthusiastic group of participants who were keen to learn and also test Richard's knowledge by presenting different scenarios.  Richard took the time to talk through how they could look to avoid the scenario from happening and if faced with no alternative gave a physical demonstration with the aid of Jack and Josh.

Feedback from the students about the course was very positive.  Here are some of the comments: 

"Feeling more confident in my abilities to defend myself and more aware of my surroundings and potential dangers" "it taught me how to be safer" "it was great fun"  "knowing how to defend myself and to be more alert and confident when alone" "I feel more confident in ensuring my safety" 

14 March 2017: Sent to Coventry on a Safety and Defence mission!

If you are interested in learning Personal Safety and Self Defence Skills Sensei Richard and Jane have been delivering these training courses since 2005.  They can be tailored to meet the needs and profile of the organisation or individuals.  Recent clients include the Girl Guides and Myriad Genetics Limited.