Chelmsford SKC News Article

Last Sunday seven of our Chelmsford members traveled to attend the KUGB Central Region Kata Squad Selection for 2016 in Lichfield.   The Squad Coach and Selector was Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan), former World and European Kata Champion and current KUGB England Junior Squad Coach.

Although this is a Central Region Kata Squad all KUGB members from all the regions are allowed to attend.  This they did in large numbers with both Students and Instructors from the Southern and Northern Regions as well from Wales also in attendance. 

Sensei Brennan started selection with warm up and stretching exercises followed by advanced Kihon combinations and a basic kata. He then moved to the Selection process and asked candidates to perform a Heian Kata of Sensei's choosing.   In attendance from Chelmsford were Rosie Caddy, Lisa Ironman. Lauren Jenkins, Megan Naylor-Jones, Richard Naylor-Jones, Pamela Pickwick and Jessica Steadman.

3 February 2016: Seven Chelmsford Members join the Central Region Kata Squad for 2016Photo:  Chelmsford's Squad members for 2016 with Sensei Frank Brennan

One by one each of our Chelmsford members were called up to perform their Katas and at the end of the selection process we are pleased to report that they were all selected for the Squad by Sensei Brennan.

They joined a large number of predominately Black Belts, including a significant number of 5th, 6th and 7th Dans (including Sensei Richard). All those selected for the Squad will benefit from Sensei Brennan's experience and teaching style which always focuses on the technical excellence and performance of Karate-do.  

Following selection, Sensei Brennan then took the Squad of 2015 through KatasHeian GodanJion and Bassai Sho.

3 February 2016: Seven Chelmsford Members join the Central Region Kata Squad for 2016Photo: Central Region Kata Squad 2016

This is now the fifth year in succession that Chelmsford SKC members have attended the Squad. Each year the number of those attending and being selected has increased.   The seven that were selected were very pleased to now have the opportunity over the course of 2016 to attend a further seven Squad Sessions with Sensei Brennan.  

Chelmsford SKC Chief Instructor Sensei Dot Naylor said "I am very proud that everyone who attended had been selected.  This is a fantastic opportunity for them to learn and develop their Kata performance and knowledge under a World-renowned Karate Master. Well done".