Chelmsford SKC News Article

Chelmsford Karate Club entered the KUGB's Southern Region Championships in Reading this weekend and, although we had a smaller Squad than usual due to exams and other events, they were raring to go.

They were accompanied by Jane Naylor-Jones, Referees Richard Naylor-Jones and Richard Kheder plus a team of enthusiastic supporters.

Squad with Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard (missing from photo Callum & Harry Brew)

For some of the younger members of our Squad this was their first experience of a regional competition, but experienced or not, competitions such as this are an opportunity to learn whether you win or lose.  Trophies aside, what is important for us as a Club is to see the Team spirit and camaraderie that everyone shared and the massive support we received from all of our Parents and Supporters.  

Full Squad : Lee McLeod, Ian Gilbert, Emma Burke, Lisa Ironman, Mandy Pugh, Elaine Ellis, Rachel Cohen, Jess Steadman, Mia Hillsden, Ella Roberts, Romilly Pope, Alexander Lockett, Nick Nelson, Beth Gilbert, Ryan Dearlove, Noah Seed, Callum Brew, Harry Brew, Maysam Wahid, Billy Mount, Kai Seed, Cillian Whyte, Robert Rajda and Sam Montgomery-Singh.

Final Photo : (l-r) Sensei Richard, Sensei Jane, Ian Gilbert, Ella Roberts, Romilly Pope, Lee McLeod, Emma Burke, Lisa Ironman, Sensei Richard K.  (kneeling) Beth Gilbert, Jess Steadman, Alexander Lockett, Nick Nelson, Rachel Cohen

KUGB SOUTHERN REGION CUP - for Most Outstanding Competitor Under 16 went to Alexander Lockett.

GOLD - Emma Burke - Senior Female Individual Kumite
GOLD - Alexander Lockett - Children's Dan Grade Kata
GOLD - Alexander Lockett - Boys Under 5' Kumite
GOLD - Nick Nelson - Boys 5'-5'5" Kumite
GOLD - Childrens Team Kata (Mia Hillsden, Alex Lockett, Nick Nelson)

SILVER - Female Team Kumite (Rachel Cohen, Elaine Ellis, Jess Steadman)
SILVER - Mandy Pugh - Senior Female Individual Kumite
SILVER - Mia Hillsden - Children's Dan Grade Kata
SILVER - Mia Hillsden - Girls Over 5'3" Kumite

BRONZE - Lisa Ironman - Senior Female Individual Kumite​
BRONZE - Adult Team Kumite (Lee McLeod, Emma Burke, Lisa Ironman)
BRONZE - Female Team Kumite (Emma Burke, Lisa Ironman, Mandy Pugh)
BRONZE - Jess Steadman - Female Individual Kata
BRONZE - Ella Roberts - Girls Over 5'3" Kumite
BRONZE - Beth Gilbert - Girls Over 5'3" Kumite
BRONZE - Nick Nelson - Children's Dan Grade Kata
BRONZE - Ella Roberts - Children's Dan Grade Kata
BRONZE - Kai Seed - Ippon Kumite

Alex Lockett presented with the Southern Region Cup by Sensei Bob Rhodes (8th Dan)

Chelmsford Team Kata (l-r Jess Steadman, Elaine Ellis, Rachel Cohen

Lee McLeod in the Senior Men's Kumite


Team Kata (l-r) Lisa Ironman, Lee McLeod, Emma Burke

Ella Roberts in the final of the Children's Dan Grade Kata

Noah (l) in his first jiyu kumite competition

Team mate vs Team mate : Romilly vs Nick


Mandy Pugh (l) on her way to a Silver medal

Cillian (r) in the Children's Ippon Kumite