Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Sunday 9 February, Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Chief Instructor of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), was in Chelmsford at Mildmay Sports Centre, Anglia Ruskin University.

Sensei Sherry was in 1966 Britain’s first Shotokan Black belt, he was a formidable competitor Internationally in both Kata and Kumite, winning his first European Kumite title in 1968 and going onto win other titles both individually and as a member of the British and England teams. He coaches and manages the KUGB England Squad and has consistently produced outstanding competitors at European and World Level.  Last year alone, KUGB England achieved six European titles and five World titles. As a result of all of his achievements he is respected Worldwide as a Karate Master.

                    10 February 2014:

Photo: Sensei Sherry coaching Tom Jeffrey

His technical excellence and passion inspired over 130 Karateka to attend the two Training sessions with Instructors and Students traveling from all over the South East of England.

The day started with Sensei Sherry teaching the Black and Brown Belts.  

        10 February 2014:

Photo: (L-R) Jack Somers, Sharky Austin-Coskry and Eric Austin-Coskry

        10 February 2014:

Photo: Front Megan Naylor-Jones performing Yoko Geri Kekomi Jodan (Side thrust kick strike to the head)

They were put through their paces covering Kihon, Advanced Kumite techniques and Katas: Bassai Sho and Chinte.

        10 February 2014:

Photo: (L-R) Blackbelts Sharky Austin-Coskry, Wayne Lottering, Jamie Lottering and Andrew Steele (Ipswich Higashi) performing Gyaku-zuki (reverse punch)

        10 February 2014:

Photo: (L-R) Steve Hunt (Ipswich Higashi), Antonio Cadeddu (Sudbury SKC), Ray Calleja (Canterbury SKC) Sharky Austin- Coskry and Jack Somers (Ipswich Higashi) performing gedan juji uke (Downward X Block) as part of Kata Heian Godan.

        10 February 2014:

Photo: Jiyu Kumite (Freestyle Sparring) - (left) Jane Naylor-Jones and right Peter King (Stock SKC)

         10 February 2014:

Photo: Black and Brown Belt Class with Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) - Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford

Then this was immediately followed by a training session for All Grades from Beginner through to Black belt.  Many of the Black and Brown belts from the first Class (who were not Grading today) took the opportunity to continue training and have an additional session with Sensei Sherry.

        10 February 2014: Kyu Grading with Sensei Sherry

Photo: Orange Belts get ready to perfrom their Kata - Heian Shodan

       10 February 2014:

Photo:  Kyu Grades line upto face their opponents as Sensei explains what attacks they must prepare to defend.


           10 February 2014:

Photo:  5th Kyu's (Purple belts) finishing kata Heian Godan (L-R) Jason Tu, Ella Roberts and Leo Tu.

With the Kyu Grading to follow immediately after the Training, Sensei Sherry took the class through the Kyu Grade Syllabus to ensure everyone was fully prepared for their examination.

        10 February 2014: Kyu Grading with Sensei Sherry    

Photo:  Ian Gilbert (centre) along with his fellow Karateka in Kamae position ready to react to Sensei's count           

The Black belts accordingly went through the Dan Grading Syllabus. 


               10 February 2014:

Photo: Performing Hidari chudan tate-zuki (strike right palm with left fist) in Kata Chinte.  Front left Jack Somers (Ipswich Higashi) and right Graham Skarott (Stock SKC)


                10 February 2014:

Photo: Sensei Sherry coaching Alex Lockett

        10 February 2014:

Photo: All Grade Class with Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) - Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford


Immediately following these two training sessions the Kyu Grading Examination began. The Grading was well attended with over 80 Students Grading from Ipswich Higashi, Maidstone, Shin Gi Tai, Sudbury and, of course, Chelmsford.

The grading was a great success so well done to everyone who participated.  

Below are the Kyu Grading results for Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club:

Please note:  there will be an Award Ceremony a week on  Sunday (to allow for the School Half-term) on 23 February at the Chelmsford Dojo, Dovedale Sports Centre, where Sensei Dot Naylor, Chief Instructor of Chelmsford SKC  will present our successful students with their certificate.  More details will appear on our Events page. 


9th Kyu - Orange Belt

Ryan Dearlove (t)

Lauren Jenkins

Dillon Murphy (t)


8th Kyu - Red belt

Rosa Conley

Jonathan Crisp (t)

Joseph Dunbar

John Dunbar

Caitlin Glover

Naomi Glover

Chloe Ing

Connor Stransky (t)


7th Kyu- Yellow Belt

Charles Mayne

James Mayne (t)

Richard Pickwick


6th Kyu - Green Belt

Anya Dunbar

Teagan Elliott

Ian Hunt

Lee Rifat

Sirdar Rifat

Umar Sultonov (t)


5th Kyu - Purple Belt

Abhi Abidhar (t)

Amrutha Abidhar

Jack Brinded (t)


4th Kyu - Purple/White Belt

Farwa Jeddy

Martin Jones

Ella Roberts

Leo Tu

Jason Tu


3rd Kyu - Brown Belt

Louise Filmer

Leah Rodrigues

Rob Selvage


2nd Kyu Brown/White belt

Millie Austin-Coskry

Alexander Lockett

Benjamin Pickwick

Alasdair Ward


1st Kyu- Brown/2 White stripes Belt

Ian Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert (t)

Anna Kluj

Jessica Steadman

Campbell Ward (t)

Kamil Wlodarcyzk