Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Saturday 15th June members and supporters of Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club went on tour again and arrived at the Lodden Valley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley, Reading to enter the Southern Region Championship.

Chelmsford's Squad consisted of 10 Adults and 19 Juniors competing and an even larger band of supporters to cheer them on.

            â€‹18 June 2013: Success for Chelmsford at the KUGB Southern Region Championship

Photo:  Essex Chronicle Newspaper Article following Our success at Southern Regions

In the elimination rounds there were four match areas constantly on the go and there were some excellent performances by all - even those who were unlucky not to get to the semi final or final of their events did very well.

There were so many good performances, both throughout the day and in the Finals, by our Karateka but special mention has to go to Mia Hillsden who was awarded the Tony Francis Memorial Trophy as the Most Outstanding Competitor at the event.  Mia was impressive winning both of her Individual Kata and Kumite events and also won gold as part of Chelmsford's Children Team Kata.  Mia joins a list of previous Chelmsford winners since 1998 who include amongst others Stuart Gordon and Holly Sterling.  

                                            18 June 2013: Success for Chelmsford at the KUGB Southern Region Championship

Photo: Mia Hillsden with her 'Most Outstanding Competitor Trophy' at the KUGB Southern Region Championships 2013

Well done to Mia and everyone who competed and a special thanks to our band of supporters.

Below are the impressive results for Chelmsford including nine Golds.

Chelmsford's Results by Category:

Children's Ippon Kumite

Joint 3rd. Matthew Gilbert - Chelmsford


Children's Kata Novice to 4th Kyu

1. Alasdair Ward - Chelmsford

2. Tom Jeffery - Chelmsford

4. Megan Naylor-Jones - Chelmsford


Children's Kata Dan Grades

1. Mia Hillsden - Chelmsford

3. Teah Pope - Chelmsford


Children's Team Kata

1. Chelmsford A

3. Chelmsford B

4. Chelmsford D


Boy's Kumite Under 5'

1. Tom Jeffery - Chelmsford


Boy's Kumite Over 5'5"

1. Jamie Lottering - Chelmsford


Girl's Kumite 10-11 years

1. Mia Hillsden - Chelmsford

Joint 3rd. Jessica Steadman - Chelmsford


Girl's Kumite Over 5.3"

1. Teah Pope Chelmsford

Joint 3rd. Aya Rainer - Chelmsford


Mixed Individual Kata - Novice to 1st Kyu

1. Tony Brown -Chelmsford


Male Senior Kata, Dan Grades

3. Jack Hillsden - Chelmsford


Senior Team Kata

1. Chelmsford


Male Junior Kumite 16-17 Kumite

2. Jack Hillsden - Chelmsford

Joint 3rd. Eric Austin-Coskry - Chelmsford

Joint 3rd. Sharky Austin-Coskry - Chelmsford


Female Junior Kumite

Joint 3rd. Rachel Cohen - Chelmsford


Male Team Kumite

Joint 3. Chelmsford


Tony Francis Memorial Trophy for most outstanding competitor -

Mia Hillsden - Chelmsford