Chelmsford SKC News Article

The Hyland Games takes place every year just as we approach the Summer Holidays.  Club members and their families go to the fabulous Hylands Park in Chelmsford after training and have a picnic, play games and generally blow off steam.

This year was no exception although we did bring the time forward as people were saying "it's coming home!".  In fact, we held our own World Cup final where Croatia won on penalties after a tie!

It was SO hot that everyone appreciated being cooled down with the array of water pistols and buckets that people brought with them.

This even has proved so popular that we may hold a "back to school" version of The Hyland Games in September.  Watch this space.

Sensei Richard really enjoys playing with the Megafone

 Ian showing everyone how to multi-task with a football and egg 'n spoon

Alex, Billy and Timur giving the day the "thumbs up"

There are plenty more photos on our website.  Feel free to check it out.