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The KUGB, as the largest single style Karate organization in the UK, have a strong team of world famous Karate Masters and twice a year they all come together to hold a residential course for Karate enthusiasts from the UK and abroad.  The Instructor's list is one of Karate legends - Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Sensei Terry O'Neill (8th Dan), Sensei Bob Poynton (8th Dan), Sensei Bob Rhodes (8th Dan), Sensei Billy Higgins (8th Dan) and Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan).

Chelmsford #OnTour.  Standing l-r Richard Naylor-Jones, Adam Willsmore, Emma Burke, Sensei Frank Brennan, Megan, Jess, Ian Gilbert, Patricia Roza, Jack Somers, Sensei Bob Rhodes, Richard Kheder, Sensei Billy Higgins, Jane Naylor-Jones and Sensei Bob Poy nton.  Kneeling l-r Beth, Alex, Ryan, Alex, Sensei Andy Sherry, Alicia, Matthew, Nick.

For the Chelmsford club it has become a bit of a tradition with a number of people attending, in fact it was great to see Patricial and Alicia come all the way from Spain to attend.  Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard attend each year because they both believe in continuous learning and this is a great way to keep their skills sharp.

The course itself was fantastic with nine lessons throughout the week, plus two extra lessons for Brown and Black belts looking to grade in the near future.  In addition there were lectures, Bo Classes, a friendly Kata Tournament and also Gradings for Kyu Grades and Dan Grades.

Dan Grade Kata finalists.  L-r Matthew Gilbert (4th), Tom Dale (3rd), Sensei Andy Sherry, Ricky Bertram (2nd), Alex (1st)

At the Kata Competition on the Thursday, Alexander won the Black Belt category (after coming 3rd last year) and team mate Matthew Gilbert came fourth.  Quite an achievement for both as this friendly tournament sees students competing against all ages including adults.

Grading Candidates l-r Ryan, Patricia and Alicia

On Friday, the final day of the course, the examinations took place and we had three people grading. 

Patricia Roza passed her 1st Kyu under Sensei Billy Higgins and Sensei Bob Rhodes. 

In the Dan gradings, Ryan Dearlove and Alicia Willis performed extremely well to meet the high standards expected of grading examiners Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan), Chief Instructor and Chairman of the KUGB and Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan) England Junior Squad Coach.  Once it was announced that Ryan and Alicia had both passed they were immediately congratulated by the large following of Chelmsford teammates, friends and family.

Sensei Richard and Sensei Jane were thrilled to congratulate Ryan and Alicia on their success

During the week there was also time for some fun and games with the Course Social, our own gatherings at local restaurants, swimming, crazy golf and our 'last supper' at the Rio Grande.




Left : We're not sure that's how you play crazy golf .  Right - Curry Thursday anyone?

The Last Supper  at the Rio Grande.  A firm favourite with everyone

Chelmsford Instructor Sensei Richard Naylor-Jones (5th Dan), who attended the residential course to both train and support them, said “We've had a fantastic week of training and it has been a .very successful week for the club.  Firstly we were notified that Megan and Jess had been chosen as Young Sports Ambassadors for Chelmsford City Council, then Alex and Matthew were successful in the Kata competition.  Now we have two new young black belts and a new 1st kyu. We are very proud of everyone."

Below are just a few pictures from Torbay and you can find all the photos from this fantastic week on our Club Facebook Page:

 Sensei Richard



Sensei Richard K

Matthew D, Alex and Jess

Beth, Ryan and Alex

Emma and Sensei Jane  



 Sensei Jane

Megan and Jess

Matt G and Nick