Chelmsford SKC News Article

On Saturday 16 July, students from Chelmsford SKC traveled to Bath University to train on the KUGB's Free Black and Brown Belt Course with Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) and Sensei Billy Higgins (8th Dan).  In addition, to the two Training sessions, there was also the important matter of the Dan Grade Examinations for which we had three people enter and all three passed!

The day started with the first training session aimed at Brown Belts. We had traveled in numbers and had seven Students training in this session:  Jack BrindedAnya Dunbar, John Dunbar, Joseph Dunbar, Lee RifatSerdar Rifat and Ella Roberts.  The class was split into two; with those taking their Black Belt Grading later that day, and those not.  Both Classes had the opportunity to train with both of the Senseis as they covered advanced KihonKata Bassai Dai and Kumite.

Next was the Black Belt session.  Training from Chelmsford SKC were Alexander Lockett, Jamie and Wayne Lottering, Jane, Megan and Richard Naylor-Jones. The class was again divided in two with Sensei Sherry initially taking the 1st Dan’s and then Sensei Higgins teaching the 2nd Dans and above.  Both classes covered advanced Kihon, Kata and Kumite.  With the Senior Grades working on Kata Tekki Sandan.

For those watching (and participating) Sensei Higgin’s drills with the Senior Grades with advanced combinations and pair work showed how dynamic Karate is.

There was then a short interval before the Dan Grading examination.

17 July 2016: Three's a charm - Black Belt success

Photo: Ladies in waiting - (L-R) Team mate Megan Naylor-Jones with Ella, Anya and Rachel wait to hear the results of their exam

First on was Anya Dunbar and Ella Roberts who were both excellent throughout the exam and successfully passed their 1st Dan Black Belt.

This was then followed by the 2nd Dan Grading where Chelmsford's candidate Rachel Cohen was put through an even tougher test by examiners Sensei Sherry and Sensei Higgins.  Rachel performed to the high technical standard expected and successfully passed.

17 July 2016: Three's a charm - Black Belt success


(L-R) Sensei Sherry, Rachel Cohen, Anya Dunbar, Ella Roberts and Sensei Higgins

Sensei Richard who attended the day was very pleased with all of them and said “Anya, Ella and Rachel have all been training and working really hard for a number of months prior to the examination.  The fantastic results today are based on their passion, dedication and commitment to Karate not only recently but over a number of years.  Well done!”