Chelmsford SKC News Article

Thank you to everyone who came to support our course.  We had an amazing lesson with Sensei Sherry, as always and would like to congratulate everyone who graded.


Special Congratulations to everyone from Chelmsford SKC who graded.

9th Kyu
Leah Rodrigues
Amrutha Abidhar
Abhishek Abidhar
Elaine Clarke
Ella Thomas
Ben Summers
Sophie Briggs
Louise Filmer 

8th Kyu
Ally Ward
Alexander Lockett
Stanley Ruskin
Thomas Briggs
Sophie Robson

7th Kyu
Campbell Ward 
Mernan Jeevaresan
Tony Brown
Farwa Jeddy
Shagilan Jeevaresan (t)
Benjamin Pickwick 
Hussain Jeddy
Jacob Cootes (t)

6th Kyu
Jaswinder Gill
Emmy Clarke
Anna Kluj
Romilly Pope 
Jake Collins
Wilson Tang
Jonathan Pirmuhamedov
Kamil Wlodarczyk

5th Kyu
Megan Naylor-Jones
Tom Jeffery 

3rd Kyu
Philip To
Jane To

2nd Kyu
Connor Payne

1st Kyu
Angelo Cassar