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Spooky Sessions

26th-31st October

Spooky Sessions, throughout the week of Halloween (26th-31st), are our normal lessons, where all our members (no matter age or grade) can dress up for training!

We ask that you can move in your costume, and masks and capes be removable for safety during training. 

We will also have our Ghoulish Photo Booth and a variety of props so you can take photos. But, as with every year, we have a question for you...

Are you scarier than Sensei Jane?


Masterclass with Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan)

saturday 14th november

Join us for a Masterclass taught by Sensei Frank Brennan, 8th Dan, on Saturday the 14th of November at Anglia Ruskin University.


There will be one class, for our High Grades only due to COVID restrictions. Following this class we may hold a small Kyu Grading for those that could not attend our Main Grading in October. This will be the last Kyu Grading of the Year, so if you have not graded and wish to do so please contact Sensei Jane.

In the world of Karate, the name Frank Brennan is known world-wide. His reputation as a competitor preceeded him as he was the man the JKA Team trained to beat at the 1990 World Championships. Expert at both Kata and Kumite, he has been KUGB Grand Champion more times than anyone and, we suspect, he doesn't have room for all the trophies he has won over the years.

As an Instructor, his thoughtful approach and excellent explanations of techniques, mindset and strategy are very much in demand so we are always proud and privileged to be able to host him.


Mildmay Sports Centre

Anglia Ruskin University


10:00 Black & Brown Belts Only
11:15 Grading

Training £15
Grading £35


cskc countdown to Christmas

15th-22nd Dec

As our last lesson of 2020 is on Tuesday the 22nd of December, we'll be counting down to Christmas throughout the 15th to the 22nd!

We'll be bringing our Winter Wonderland backdrop so you can get your photos taken, and will be planning some festive lessons for you all!

Not sure what to buy your favourite Karate-enthusiast for Christmas? We've got you covered! We've had many of our students be gifted mitts, gis (karate suits) and KIT bags around the holidays- just give Father Christmas' helpers (Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard) a heads-up so we can order in time for the big day!

We hope we can make your Christmas a special one!

-Sensei Claus

T'was the week before Christmas, and all through the Hall

Every last student was having a ball!

The lessons were planned to be full of most cheer,

Even though we have had an unluckiest year.

To their classes they ran, the students full of glee!

They brushed off their caps, their gloves, and their gis.

The countdown had started, their last lesson near-

Not for long, though, just the last of the year!

So if you are here, join us for a week-

Full of games and cheer, and working off treats.

We hope that you join us, you come in and see

The Countdown To Christmas at CSKC!

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