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Lee McLeod started training in karate on a summer holiday school course when he was 6 years old at Devon House, a small feeder club for Chelmsford Karate Club.

Training and taking his early Kyu Gradings under the instruction of Sensei Charles Naylor, he was noticed by Sensei Jane who asked him to come along to Chelmsford and training more regularly.


From there he never missed a Grading, and at the age of 10, along with some of his friends, was put through a punishing 6 months of intense training by Sensei Jane to work towards his Shodan in 1995. He then went on to gain his Nidan at the age of 13. 


Photo: A young Jane with Sensei Enoeda and her brother Mark - 1974


Photo: A young Jane with Sensei Enoeda and her brother Mark - 1974

Being an experienced competitor from an early age in individual an team events winning various medals at the Southern and National Championships, he joined the England Kata Squad at the age of 13, and then the Junior Kumite Squad at 16.


Competing in many Grand Slams throughout the years, he went in to be selected for the England Team at 2 European Championships: Cadiz, Spain and Krakow, Poland. 


This is where he was part of the Junior Team Kata that won a Bronze medal, and also the Team Kumite winning Silver in Cadiz, and then Team Kumite Bronze in Krakow.

After taking a 8 and a half year break Lee came back to training at Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club.


Upon his return, he was encouraged to work hard towards his Sandan, which he achieved under Sensei Sherry, Sensei Poynton, and Sensei Brennan in 2015.


Photo: From left to right: Sensei Andy Sherry, Lee McLeod 3rd Dan, Sensei Bob Poynton and Sensei Frank Brennan


Lee was encouraged to push himself once again by Sensei Jane and Sensei Richard, they persuaded him to compete again in the 2015 Southern Regional Championships. 


He was joined by two other former summer course students - brothers Eric and Sharky. 


Together they went on to win the Team Kata and Team Kumite.


Lee also won Individual Kumite and a Bronze in Individual Kata.

Lee's exploits in the Individual and Team Kumite (scoring 3 ippons from 3 fights) won him the Tony Francis Trophy for Outstanding Competitor.

Now Lee is passing in his experience and knowledge to the younger generations of Chelmsford Karate Club through his help with coaching at the Dojo an at tournaments. 

Sensei Jane and Richard are also encouraging Lee to develop his Referees and Judges skills and work towards his 4th Dan.

Photo: Lee with all his medals and trophies from the 2015 Southern Regions

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