kids courses

Our Kids Courses are full of activities and games to help our kids learn karate while having fun with their friends. These courses mainly take place during Half-Term, Summer, or Winter Holidays.

They tend to be 3 hours long each, so we encourage kids to bring a snack and a drink. Don't let the long class time discourage you though! We break our training up with snack breaks, games, photos, and sometimes even the appearance of a bouncy castles!


We have a variety of themed courses throughout the year from Pre-Christmas Pudding Courses, to Egg-stra Special Easter Courses, to Summer Camps!

Here is the next seasonal course:

shoto's summer camp

Shoto the Tiger is running a very special Summer Camp.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we stop training.

Come and enjoy a 3-hour course full of karate, games, races, and more!


And, receive your own Summer Camp Certificate of Completion.

Date: 28th July 2021


superhero training camp

the next course will be on:

Not all Super Heroes come from outer space. Some are born right here on Earth! But they need the right training before they can fight crime, and we're here to help!

On this course we work on fitness, speed and strength in a fun and engaging way. 


Our Super-Heroes-in-training can wear their costumes, or a fun superhero t-shirt if they'd like.

anti-bullying courses

Bullying comes in lots of shapes and sizes. It is not always physical, or in person. 


On this course you will learn some personal safety techniques and strategies to live by and to complement your Karate training - although no previous experience in Karate is necessary.


We aim this course at Under 16s, and use a variety of different activities to help them stay safe, from learning how to be vocal in order to signal for help, to talks about cyberbullying, and how to avoid and be aware of potentially dangerous situations.

We also have a version of this course that is more detailed and hard-hitting, covering a wider variety of scenarios for adults and older teens, which is our Personal Safety Course.


Our next Anti-Bullying Course will be on:

25th August 2021