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self defence and personal safety courses

Everyone has the right to safety and a lifestyle without fear. We don’t want people to have to change their lifestyles, so within our Self Defence course we have incorporated personal safety strategies to help participants feel more safe and secure within their own lives.

Our Personal Safety course is designed to give practical advice and techniques on how to avoid confrontation, and deal with it if necessary. It focuses on how we can use our mind and our body to defend ourselves as we go about our daily lives.


These courses are broken down into key areas encompassing useful information on safety strategies as well as exercises to help people familiarise themselves with the techniques that are demonstrated.

The techniques and safety strategies mentioned are not specific to Karate, and neither is the course as a whole. We offer a variety of adaptations based on age, ability, and the length of the course. 

We have taught these courses to a variety of groups, such as Girl Guides, Sports Clubs, at University and at Workplaces. We also offer a child-friendly Anti-Bullying Course which you can find out more information about on our Kids Courses Page.

We are flexible to run this course for a variety of ages, group sizes, over multiple days, and we are willing to travel up or down the country, as well as hosting local courses for our own students.

Prices for these courses will vary depending on these factors. For more information about how we can help you with your personal safety!

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