Adults Return- may

From the 17th May In-Dojo Training for Adults will resume, meaning the return of our Adults-Only Classes

on Wednesday evenings.

We are very excited to open our doors to Adults of all grades, though our COVID Safety Regulations are still in place so remember to book your classes with Sensei Jane each Sunday afternoon.

The return from our Under-18s has been amazing! It is great to see so many of you returning enthusiastically. We are hoping to reward your outstanding effort with a Kyu Grading towards the end of June/start of July.

To find out more about our safety regulations you need to follow to attend our in-dojo classes please see our COVID classes page.

Return to dojo- march

With the Government's new Pathway out of Lockdown we have been able to clarify a few key dates:

29th March (from the earliest)- Park Training for all ages

12th April (from the earliest)- In-Dojo Training for all Under 18s as well as those which were under 18 before the 30th of August 2020.

17th May (from the earliest)- In-Dojo Training for all ages with separate classes for Under 18s and Adults due to different restrictions for each group.

21st June (from the earliest)- Return to contact training, special courses, and competitions.

To find out more about our safety regulations you need to follow to attend our in-dojo classes please see our COVID classes page.

sensei dot- march

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Sensei Dot Naylor (3rd Dan).


Dot passed away peacefully on the evening of March 7th in the company of her daughter, Jane. Dot had suffered a long battle with Dementia, which she fought with great courage and determination.

Dot began her lifelong love of Karate in 1965 at the Red Triangle Dojo and was the very first woman to train at Karate in Liverpool; she also took her first Kyu grading with Sensei Enoeda in July 1966 and her first Dan grade in 1970. 


As a member since the KUGB's formation in 1966, along with her husband Charlie, she coached many students to Black belt— some of whom went on to become national and international champions. In particular, she loved teaching the children at her Dojo in Chelmsford. Her passion for Karate continued and in recent years she found great joy in watching competition videos and demonstrations.

Her contribution to Karate was recognised by the Prime Minister in 2015 when she received a Point of Light Award. We send our sincere condolences to her children Jane, and Mark and their families.

Dot is pictured here as the only woman in the group who received the first 50th Long Standing Member certificates in 2016.

Goodbye and Rest in Peace Dot.

If you would like to read more about Sensei Dot and her Karate journey we've linked her Instructor Profile below.